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Since I have been in London I think the thing which has surprised me the most is that I have not been getting much by way of fisting fun. In many ways it was the colour red which started me on my journey into Pig-dom, and over the years it became my main focus of play. I would regularly visit London specifically to find the deepest and greediest holes. But since I have been here I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I have had something which qualifies as some decent FFun!

On Wednesday we had a TIM office adventure to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for Madam Katastrof’s chaotic performance: Ready, Steady COCK. Some old friends, Bill and Bri were visiting for the day, and I convinced them that they should join us for the night. As soon as they arrived, my mind wandered back to some of the fun we used to have back in Manchester. I could tell they were thinking the same. On the walk home The HusPig and Bill went missing en-route so Bri and I made our way back together. When the HusPig finally turned up his combats were literally hanging off, due to a large rip at the crotch. He had a broad grin on his face.

“I like this one!” he exclaimed, nodding at Bill. It wasn’t long before the four of us were naked and exchanging body fluids, cocks, hands and wrists in a filthy vers free for all; and all on a school night too! When I arrived at the office the following morning my ass was practically grinning. I can still see the look on Bill’s face as he slowly worked his arm deeper and deeper into my hole! To top it off, HusPig fisted me for the first time too and considering its not his thing he certainly knew what buttons to press!


My ass was not the only thing grinning that day. Thursday was the day I was becoming one of Paul’s Marked Men! This was all the more special because it was a new TIM tattoo design which had been conceived by Paul, drawn by Liam, finalised by Willem and personalised by myself! It was a total team effort and coincided with the release of the new title DVD “Viral Loads”. Liam came with me to film the tattoo happening and all I kept hearing in my head was Liam saying over and over:

“They like to see you suffer a bit, Bruce.” Believe me, it hurt like fuck!

The following day was the Prowler Porn awards at ManBar. Both Liam and I had been nominated for awards. I can tell you, nobody was more shocked than I was at that news! It was a black tie event so it seemed appropriate that we turn up in leather waistcoat and harness over our white shirts. No prizes came our way, but it didn’t matter to me as I was making small talk with Matteus Von Fistenburg about casting and production. That was all the reward I needed. On the outside I was using all my will and effort to look cool and relaxed and professional. On the inside I was exploding with excitement! Seriously, there was a whole Ally McBeal imagination clip going on inside there!

After all the awards had been given out and we had gleaned some amusement from two of the winners shattering their glass trophies on the floor whilst holding them up for photographers, we we’re whisked off to a club called TinTin by another fisting legend, Ashley Ryder. By this point, we were already pretty smashed from the free drink at the awards. We partied there for a few hours then took a taxi back to our place. The taxi ride was like a Sit-Com episode. Three pissed porn industry workers, a drag paralytic Queen Nun and a Porn editor who forgot he was not in drag but was behaving as if he was (we will mention no names at this point). Another guy we had met in the club was waiting for us when we arrived, but I think we frightened the living shit out of him and he only stayed for ten minutes.

The party continued until 9am. Almost forgetting it was my weekend with the kids I had to quickly get my shit together and make a Bee Line for Euston station. Christ only knows how I looked: It was gonna be a long weekend; with my son turning 13 and the partying (of a different kind) that involved. But my ass was very happy that the weekend had started like it had and I have to say, the fisting bug has got me again.

On a final note. We have finally moved into the new place. We have named our new home ‘The Pig Kennels.’ I know I have focussed mostly on fucking for the past six months, but be warned, this diary is about to get a whole lot piggier!



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