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21 years old, charming, innocence seemingly intact. He was born and raised—and still lives–in a very small town a few hours north of San Francisco.

Treasure Island Media, Paul's Photos, Gus

He wants to be an actor, but living in a small town there are really no opportunities. Ambition, even in the innocent, answers any call though. He said “I realized that I’m got something in my pants that guys’d like to look at.”

In a way, the job of a pornographer is corruption. Sometimes a person knows he wants to be corrupted and welcomes it–it’s just growth and necessary disillusionment. But Gus had a born-yesterday quality that kept me from crossing lines I wanted to cross. I don’t know if it’s obvious in this shot, but even though I was focused on his cock and balls, I kept the light on his soft boyish belly.

Treasure Island Media, Paul's Photos, Gus

Near the end of the shoot, I said “You know, I’m a pornographer. I don’t make movies, I don’t produce plays.” Very quietly he said that he was aware of that. I told him that if he was interested in what I could do with him, he should wait a few days and then call me.

Treasure Island Media, Paul's Photos, Gus

Treasure Island Media, Paul's Photos, Gus

He called later that evening. “I’m in.”


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