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I met a guy on Scruff. It was the last day of my visit to Knoxville. I had met a few good new fuck buddies and visited with a few of my old ones. I was still horny for something, and I didn’t really know what – until I found it.

We started talking and he asked me if I wanted to come rub one out with him. I said, sure. In my mind, I thought I could at least swallow another guy’s load and be happy with that. What happened was so much more!

Treasure Island Media, TIMJack

We talked a little more and I had to finish up some stuff before I could meet up with him. I asked, “Can you meet up in a couple hours?” He said, sure, but he had to be somewhere by 3:30. I said, “I’ll be there by 3.” That was fine with him.

We shared more photos and then he sent me a video. This video was what really set my motor into high gear! He showed himself jacking and then he showed the table in front of him and he started to blow his load on the table. One squirt, two squirts, three squirts, FOUR SQUIRTS, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE!! TEN!!! OH MY GOD! And these were hefty squirts. By the time he was done, there was a big puddle of jizz on that table top and my cock was dripping precum.

I said, “Dude! You’ve GOT to let me eat your load!” He said, “Deal!”

When I got there, I was surprised to find him half asleep. He wasn’t really worried about actually hooking up, but he was ready in case it were to happen. For some reason, I found that really hot. He was just so nonchalant about it. If it happened, cool, if it didn’t, cool, too.

I took my shirt off and he rubbed my chest. He pulled his cock out and started teasing me with it. It was a nice dick, too. I pulled my dick out and he started stroking it. He pulled me towards him and started sucking my cock. He put my hands on his nipples and I started to squeeze and play with them. He liked this because he moaned with his mouth full. He tried saying, “Yea!” but all I could really hear was, “Yyyyy..”

My mouth wanted to taste his cock. I went down and started to suck him. His dick slid down my throat with ease and he made sure I kept my fingers working his nipples.

I climbed over him and laid down and started jacking with him. We kissed and grabbed each other’s cocks. I rolled over on top of him and put all my weight on him. He felt really good to roll around with.

My hands were rubbing his furry chest and I discovered his legs were furry right up his butt and into his butt crack. FUCK! That was hot!

I was so turned on.

We rolled around and I squeezed and bit his nipples. I couldn’t wait for that load to flood my mouth! I went back to sucking his cock and just the thought of him blowing in my mouth was getting me ready to shoot my load. I kept sucking and he laid back and enjoyed my mouth.

When I was ready to blow, I stood up on my knees and grabbed my balls in one hand and my cock in the other. I aimed my cock towards his furry chest and shot a fat rope of cum over his shoulder. Then I shot another on his chest. Followed by a little dribble. I was still working my cock, feeling the orgasm that sent me to the moon.

Treasure Island Media, TIMJack

He laid there soaking up the view of a man towering over him shooting his load all over him.

Then, he said, “My turn.” I laid down on the bed and he stood up beside the bed. He took a hit of poppers and started yanking his cock. He stood with his legs apart and his knees bent. He stroked in long deliberate strokes. He moved up towards my head and held my mouth open as if to say, “stay in this position. I know where my load is going.”

He let out a deep grunt and started to blow his load. I counted 10 or 11 squirts! They all hit in my mouth with the tails of each squirt landing on my chin. Just feeling the impact of each hot squirt of cum was so hot! I was wanting as much of his load in my mouth as possible, so I didn’t dare close my mouth or try to lick my tongue on my lips or chin until I knew he was done. I swished his cum around in my mouth before swallowing it. Then I took my fingers and wiped the extra cum off my beard and sucked my fingers dry.

That was such a hot experience, I wanted to figure out some way to get more.

I was supposed to be driving to Atlanta that afternoon, but I had a little flexibility in my schedule, so… I went back to the area of town I had been staying and made a few phone calls. I decided that I could leave for Atlanta the next morning and I found a hotel room for the night. I called this guy up and said, “I’m staying an extra night… hint hint.” He said, “Oh, Really?”

Treasure Island Media, TIMJack

So we repeated it that night in my hotel room. He still shot 10 squirts into my mouth, again. And I still want more!

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