Matthew Camp, Famed Go-Go Boy, Appears in New Gay Indie Film

matthew-camp-almost-nude Matthew Camp’s new gay indie film “Getting Go” is about a “College boy Doc (Tanner Cohen, Were The World Mine) is obsessed with a well-known NYC go-go dancer, nicknamed Go (Matthew Camp). He befriends his hunky crush with the intention of shooting a movie about what it’s like to live in his skin. Camera in hand, he follows his subject across the city: into bars, onto rooftops and dance floors and ultimately his bedroom.” Watch The Trailer Here! 

Matthew’s fragrance, named 8.5, is available through the Treasure Island Store HERE.

8.5 is a unique sexy, dirty fragrance that is activated by a man’s natural scent, creating a hypnotic, narcotic essence that people will crawl across the room to get closer to. Note: While 8.5 can and will induce erotic behavior, it is NOT poppers. Available in 1 ounce (29.57ml) bottles.   8.5.bottle         matthew-camp-pabon-758x1024

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  1. Saw the movie last year at Outfest. Big hit. MC is so hot in person. Love your relationship with him. I’m guessing he likes bareback.

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