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Working in the adult entertainment industry is a fantasy for almost everyone. You can spend hours fantasying on what it would be like to be a gay porn star, traveling all over, having sex with the hottest models and going to the best parties. Yes, it seems like a dream career, but only a select few make it. They make it because they work hard, they are persistent and they learned from the best very early on.

Guys that really want to get into gay porn need to listen carefully to the advice from one of the industries top directors, Mr Pam. She’s interviewed, recruited, filmed and helped the careers of some of today’s hottest gay porn models. She knows a thing or two about how hard it is for guys to get into the industry.

“Go to places where you look like the people on that site,” Mr Pam advised, suggesting that you need only apply where you fit in. “If you’re 6’10” and 45 years old, you shouldn’t apply at Bel Ami. You should apply on sites that look most like you.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each day, dozens of applications are receives by the top talent managers and studios. Most people who apply either are the right type of applicant for the site. There are sites for every type of guy from jocks to bears, daddies to twinks, geeks to fetish; just find the ones that most suit who you are, not who you want to be. It’ll increase your chances of getting casted.

“Be patient,” Mr Pam said, as she explained what newcomers to the industry should to know. “Realize that the gay porn industry, just like fashion and professional sports, is very competitive. Even though you are a slut there are about one hundred people who are apply to get into one spot.”

Knowing that you are one of many people hoping to get your lucky chance to get into a scene, it’s important that you are always at your best and constantly imporving yourself.

“It’s about your face, your body, your dick and your personality,” said Mr Pam. “When they don’t have a good personality, or are shy, or if you don’t seem like you would be fun to work with, I won’t cast you.”

It’s that simple. Directors and talent agents don’t have time for fake facades and attitudes. You have to be honest, genuine and reliable. Mr Pam also expects that you’ll show up for your scenes on time, be responsible, and make sure that you’re on your flight and make each interview. Otherwise, you’ll be off her team, immediately.

“Guys can make anywhere from $200 for a quick blowjob to $1,500 for a fuck scene,” said Mr Pam, describing how much a gay porn model could make if they were casted. “Some studios claim to have paid $3,000 for a solo scene but I don’t believe that. Most are $500 to $1,000 for a scene. It used to be $2,500 to $3,500 per scene when I first started, but now there are so many online sites and studios that rates have dropped. It really varies.”

Additional advice if you’re interested in getting into gay porn, make sure you have current photos of you that are clear and at least semi professional. Don’t apply to a studio or agent unless you are serious and ready to get started. Always be honest, prepared to work hard, and to be yourself. The rest will fall into place when you work with credible people, like Mr Pam.

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