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Adam Russo Treasure Island Media

We recently caught up with Adam Russo, the hot versatile jock/daddy who recently starred in BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS as well as the recent ball-draining TIMSuck scene with Rocco Steele. He has no problem sharing with his boyfriend CutlerX, in fact sometimes the duo acts as a tag team to bring twice the muscles, cock, and spunk to set (see their tag-team performance in BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS for proof).

1. You’ve had such an expansive body of work in porn, what’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in five years?

yes, I have done a wide variety. what’s next? Sex in zero gravity..lol. actually that is a good question. I’m really enjoy what I do now and riding the wave. It’s be a steady crawl but people are finally noticing my work..mostly because of the bareback videos. Right now I’m saving my pennies and hopefully will be able to buy some property next year…then I think I’ll go back to school for psychology. At least right now thats the loose plan.

2. You and your partner CutlerX are well-known as one of the hottest couples in porn, what is it like dating while performing in video shoots and as an escort? Do you have guidelines on what is acceptable and what isn’t?

I get asked this question a lot. It’s a simple and not so simple answer. We have no restrictions on each other we play together and separate. I have boys who sleep over and who are part of our family. The thing about being open is that you can trust and relax there should be no jealousy..now this is a difficult thing for most people to do..It really takes getting to know yourself not just the other person..Most of us are scared to dive deep into who we are but if you can do it …it’s just a fantastic experience.

Adam Russo Treasure Island Media

3. Your scene in Breeding Marcus Isaacs where you tag teamed Marcus with CuterX was so hot. Do you like shooting scenes with your real-life partner. Does it make the scene even more hot?

Thank you…I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I do like shooting with Cutler we know each other well and are able to play together. It certainly can make the scene hotter….WOOF!

4. How do you stay in such fantastic shape? Are you naturally very athletic?

I have been working out since I was 15 years old. I do a lot of core works then usually focus on a particular body part. The core work out is the most difficult because it consist of a lot of balancing on inflated balls. I’m like a trained seal. ..lol. I guess I am…I think the most athletic part of me is my mind…you burn most of your calories thinking…and I think way to much..my brain is a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.

5. What scene of yours for Treasure Island Media did you enjoy shooting the most?

I have to say I just did 3 scenes in London for Liam Cole and I enjoyed everyone. I topped in all of them, when they come out you’ll have to tell me what you think!

Adam Russo Treasure Island Media

6. What qualities do you find attractive in sex partners?

BIG DICKS! lol..well it’s true…ok, almost true…I like my bottoms to have big dicks too…i’m a size queen. But honestly, there needs to be good chemistry between he and I …I love another sexual guy who is confident in who they are. That in itself is soooooo sexy!

7. What’s your opinion on Truvada and PrEP?

I wish it wasn’t actually needed in the first place, but I think anyone who is sexually active and not already POZ should be taking it. The whole thing has changed these days. Guys who are POZ and undetectable are as safe as condoms…I always tell the boys be careful of the neg guys who aren’t on prep they are the dangerous ones.

Follow Adam on Twitter Here: @AdamRussoxxx

  1. I love your films your hot your partner is to love love them. Make more and let us enjoys seeing them. Would love to see you do a twin that has never bottomed and you work him over naturaly no fake true Virgin would be so hot.

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