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Rocco Steele Treasure Island Media

We recently caught up with Rocco Steele, one of our newest studs in Manhattan, who has developed quite the rapid fan base in a short period of time. We can’t get enough of the super-sized cock and tattooed built body on this Topman! Besides all that, Rocco is an authentic and approachable guy who tells it like it is. Check out his recent scene with Adam Russo on TIMSuck for proof! Also, check out these exclusive pictures of Rocco Steele from a not-yet-released fuck movie from Max Sohl below!

1. You started out in the adult industry as an escort, what made you decide to take the leap into sex work? What do you prefer, escorting or shooting porn? What made you take the plunge into becoming a porn star?

For many years, I had a couple of guys who would pay me regularly for my companionship. I never had an ad up anywhere so I never really considered it escorting, even though it clearly was. Then one day a friend of mine was like “dude you need to put an ad up because you could make some serious money”. So I listened and I put an ad up and on the first day I made $900. I was stoked. Needless to say I’ve been doing it since.

Porn v escorting – here’s a totally diplomatic answer I know but…I like both equally for different reasons.

I enjoy the escorting because I get to meet interesting guys from all over the world. I “vet” my potential clients so when I have decided to see somebody, it’s somebody I feel comfortable with and actually have a genuinely nice time with. I never do anything I don’t want to do so I always have a good time.

I love making porn because being a “free agent” as opposed to an exclusive, I get to work with so many different great studios and directors and I get to do it all over the world. I’m not limited to one studio. I love that. My life is exciting right now. I get to see new places and oh yeah, fuck some amazing holes along the way.

Rocco Steele Max Sohl

2. We’ve heard you have a crush on Marcus Isaacs, what would you do to him if we hooked you to up on a TIM shoot? What does it for you about him?

Oh man that would be a dream. I don’t know what it is about that boy but I think he is “sex on a stick.” He has everything about a guy that gets me going…beard, tats, attitude but I think his eyes are what does it the most for me…yeah it’s definitely his eyes.

If I had a scene with him I think the two of us would probably self combust from the crazy sexual energy between that would exist between us.

3. How do you navigate being clean and sober in gay culture, and especially in sex work? What drove you to change your life?

16 years ago my life was a mess. I was drinking a lot and using drugs quite frequently. My life wasn’t working for me. It affected my job performance, my relationships and my overall life responsibilities. I was so empty inside and just on auto-pilot all the time. Something had to give. So one day I decided to stop everything and enter a program of recovery. I never looked back and I’ve been clean and sober ever since.

At first it wasn’t easy trying to stay sober in the gay culture because drinking and drugs are everywhere.I just surrounded myself with a strong, solid support network and it has guided me every since through the obstacles that life presents, which include my experiences in porn and escorting.

Rocco Steele Treasure Island Media

4. What’s your workout routine?

I am in the gym 6-7 days a week. I am serious about my workouts but not crazy. I am pretty gentle with myself. I’m in my 40’s and and very happy with my health and my body. If I get to the gym and not feeling it that day, I have been known to turn around and go home. When I’m there, I am committed. I work out usualy two body parts a day. I try to get a good ab workout in several times a week. My diet is pretty insane right now as it was requested by another studio that I lose weight….so I eat nothing but chicken and lettuce lol.

5. What is your opinion of the current Truvada debate, will PrEP be an ordinary aspect of gay health and gay porn in the years to come?

I cant say with any certainty as I am not in the medical profession – what this means to gay health but I think it will definitely be interesting to see how it all evolves. We need to consider the fact that HIV is not the only thing we need to worry about. PrEP does not prevent other STD transmission so I worry what this is all going to look like down the road. I am a big proponent of safe sex. Those who are negative should stay negative and I need to do my part to facilitate that. Yes I am undetectable and yes I do bareback porn but I do not want to encourage the transmission of HIV. I can prevent further transmission by being responsible and disclosing my status to my partners and having sex with others who are undetectable and on treatment and whose numbers are such that exposure to other strains of HIV are unlikely. It’s not a iron-clad guarantee, I know.

If somebody chooses to be on Truvada and have sex with somebody that is positive, I think both parties need to understand there are still risks of transmission, albeit small. They also need to realize that other things can be transmitted.

This is such a controversial topic both in and out of our community and my answer is just what I feel and there are many other views on the subject and I respect and appreciate all of them.

Rocco Steel Max Sohl

6. Do you prefer cut or uncut cocks?

I love both. Being a strict top, I’m an ass man so thats where my focus is…but a pretty dick is a pretty dick regardless of whether its cut or not…and i can appreciate a pretty dick.

7. Where do you hang out in NYC?

I’m an old man so I don’t do the clubs or bars anymore. My life in NYC is fairly boring by porn “star” standards. I love just going to the gym, lunch with friends, hanging out with my dog, going to movies…that type of stuff. I live right off Central Park so I love escaping there on a weekday when everybody else is at work and chilling on a park bench or in the grass watching people go by.

8. We’re all crazy about your new TIMSuck scene. What was it like to work with Adam Russo?

I adore Adam. He’s an amazing performer and so fucking sexy. That was our first encounter so there was so much sexual energy between us. We’ve done a couple more scenes since for other studios and have become good friends. I am thrilled that the scene is being well-received.



  1. I’m mostly a top, but every once in a while I feel like riding a cock. Rocco Steel is on my ‘bucket list’ – I’d give anything to have a evening with him working me over and filling me with his cock and cum.

  2. I would give anything to choke on his cock and load, lick his pits clean, then eat his ass and breed it deep , then swap some hot piss as a chase. Love to see him bottom sometime. There is nothing better than a big cocked bottom pig getting bred.

  3. I love that Rocco is not completely sold on this Truvada trend. He’s right it does not prevent any other STDs and there are many pornstars who either fail to realize that or ignore that part of Truvada.

    I imagine that he also maintains a strict diet regimen, and works out that much to maintain a healthy body and naturally maintain an undetectable viral load.

    1. Well it is not just a “trend” like a style of jeans. And yes it doesn’t protect against other STD’s but it protects against the one that is most damaging to our bodies. Seems like having some protection is better than none.

    2. He does, he seems to have a healthy holistic attitude toward maintaining undectable as well as not spreading the virus.

  4. Love the interview with Rocco Steele. He’s not only an up and comer, the man has up and went all the way in the gay adult world. Not only is he an excellent top he’s easy on the eyes, nice , fun and grounded.

  5. maybe a full 2hours porn with him, and only cute young small bottoms like Gerin
    something different then all those before, with one bottom getting fucked…

  6. A Great interview. Rocco’s self aware approach to escorting and porn is refreshing and sexy. I’m Looking forward to following all of his adventures, Perhaps running into him “In person” one day.

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