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Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich TIMPorn

Folsom in San Francisco is always a sordid affair. There’s just about any kind of trouble to get into that you want.

This year, Dolf Dietrich and I spent the weekend having our own kind of fun. First, we had to have our piggy romantic fun. I don’t want to bore you with the details. Oh, yes, I do.

We went “glamping” in Napa Valley. There’s a Safari wildlife retreat that we stayed at. They had giraffes, gazelles, pink flamingos, just to name a few of their animals. They imported tents from Africa and decked them out with a king size bed, lamps, a real shower and nice outdoor furniture, all elevated on big rustic beams of timber. You know what the first this was that we did? We did it like the animals in the wild! (On the king sized bed, of course. we WERE glamping!) With the doors and windows wide open. He sucked on my cock for a while and then I mounted him like a horny wildebeest in the spring! He gave it up to me like a tiger in heat! And y’all know I grunt like a gorilla when I blow my load. I think we sounded right at home. Just after we finished our mating ritual, one of the park rangers popped around the corner asking if one of us had left his phone at the front desk. – A likely story! Too late, man with the yellow hat!

The next day, our romantic tour of Napa continued with spa day, including mud baths and mineral soaks. We slung mud at each other from across the room and made mud mounds for boobs and joked about pissing out mud noodles when we were done. No mud noodles. LOL! We held hands while soaking in the claw foot tubs, just like a commercial for boner pills. After the rest of the spa services, we were on our way back to town to get ready for Magnitude.

This is where our Folsom fun started getting real! We were scheduled to do a live sex show on the stage in the sex tent at the party. That’s pretty much all we could think about all week. We were both excited to show off and be exhibitionists. When it was our turn to take the stage, I told Dolf to give me his best selfie poses to get us started. I don’t know if you know, but Dolf is VERY good at the sexy selfie. He’s always showing off for his fans and sharing his hole with the world on Twitter and Tumblr. It turns ME on! That’s why I wanted him to start with a few sexy selfie poses. And fuck! It worked! All I wanted to do was pound that hole until he screamed for me to stop! I know my Dolf, he would never tell me to stop. There have been times when I needed to cum so bad and he had already finished, but he wanted to please me so bad, that he let me go until I blew my load deep in him. I love fucking that man! And I fucking love that man!

Drew Sebastian Folsom Street Fair SF TIMPorn

 In the sex tent, he was all over my cock with his mouth. Spitting, letting trails of spit fall all around. He flipped over and begged for me to fuck his face. So, I buried my big cock balls deep in his throat. He has an amazing cock, too, so I stood him up and sucked on his cock for a while. His cock more than fills my mouth and if I’m at the right angle, I can take it all the way down my throat. There were guys leaning over the edge of the stage wanting to get closer to see the action. They had their cocks out, jacking to our show. I saw a couple guys blow their loads on the stage and a few other guys turn and feed their loads to their neighbor. I have no idea if they knew each other. I’d like to think they didn’t. Share the love, I say!

It was time to get my cock in Dolf’s sweet hole. I ate his hole and spit on his hole and got his hole ready for my cock. I like lube to make things slide easier, so I held the lube bottle high in the air and dripped it on my cock which was resting on his hole. I fucked his crack and got it all lubed up for my dick to slide in.

Just about the time he couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer, I pushed the tip of my cock into his hole. He moaned with a combination of begging me to go slow and begging me to get my cock in as deep as possible, as soon as possible. I was stretching out this moment. So, I took my dick out and spit on his hole some more. I started pushing it back in and the crowd moaned along with him. Soon, I was all the way in and I noticed that the red spotlight that was lighting us was focused on my cock in his hole. So, I played with the light for a little while. I fucked him deep and told him to keep his hole open when I pulled out. Fuck! he has a pretty hole! I was jacking my cock while fingering his open hole. He squeezed his hole tight around my finger, telling me he wants more of my cock. Funny how I can read this man.

My cock slid back in and I was starting to get close, so I pushed it all the way in and sat there still as I could for a minute. The whole time, I was worshipping his body. He has the most amazing tiny waist and meaty shoulders. I love rubbing my hands from his shoulders down to his waist and then grabbing his ass. I pull his cheeks apart so I can see my cock slide in there. We were fucking for ourselves, as well as for the crowd.

I flipped him over and walked around to the other side and planned to just pound my load into him, when another light came up, lighting us up from that other side, as well, begging me to keep showing off. So, I did. I fucked him until I couldn’t hold back any more. I grabbed his shoulders and thrust my cock in him and shot my fat load deep in his guts.

The crowd was so excited, I saw a few more loads go flying onto the stage. Then, we heard the sound of applause. Evidently, we were the only ones who got applause that night. All the other demonstrations were hot, too, but maybe the crowd just wanted to see some seed get planted in a primal way. And I want to do it all over again!

The next day was the Folsom Street Fair. We were late to hang out at the Mr. S Leather booth. Understandable, I hope, since we were at the party so late the night before. But we stayed all day. It’s fun to meet people in person who follow us on Twitter and Tumblr. We took pictures with anybody who wanted and signed as many people up on the Mr. S Newsletter as we could. They have a lot of my pictures on there, so go there and sign up for yourself.

Follow Dolf and Me on Twitter to see when we will be making appearances and where we will be traveling. @DolfDietrich and @XXXDrewTIM. I’ll be in Atlanta for Gay Pride the weekend of October 12th. Come find me at Brushstrokes on Saturday, October 11, 2014. I’ll have TIM giveaways and you can donate to the P.A.L.S. program which helps take care of the animals who take care of people with HIV and other ailments.

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