I AM: Josh Taylor


We caught up with one of the stars of Liam Cole’s newest film LONDON UNCUT Josh Taylor. Josh inspired his scene #TeenageTruvadaWhore by emailing Liam Cole in which he begged for to be a gangbang bottom. He got his wish when he gets tag fucked by seven hung uncut blokes.  The gang queue up to get inside his tight boy hole, taking turns pounding the living daylights out of him. This isn’t the first time around the rodeo for Josh though, he’s already been in Five-way Fuck from Liam Cole’s smash hit OUTLAWS. He recently filmed another scene with CutlerX which will be released on a forthcoming movie from Liam Cole. 

1. How did you get involved in shooting with Treasure Island Media?

Josh Taylor: I hooked up with Anton dickson and that’s where it started. He put me in touch with Liam. I had heard about Liam’s work but I was still new to it all. Once I did my first scene there was no going back and I love it.

2. Was filming #teenagetruvadawhore everything you thought it would be? Which tops did you like fucking the most?

JT: I enjoyed the scene very much. I liked them all, but I especially like large cocks. I just filmed another scene with CutlerX from the USA. Now that is a big cock.

3. How does your personal sex life compare to the scenes you shoot on camera?

JT: My personal sex life is fantastic. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I have a loving boyfriend and we’ve been together for 9 months. He is the right one for me.

4. What kind of guys are are you most attracted to physically?

JT: The guys I’m most attracted to are muscled with big cocks, plain and simple. I think thats why I love working for Treasure Island Media.

5. I haven’t researched porn stars in the UK or America, but so far I have especially enjoyed shooting with Lito Cruz and CutlerX (big cocks!).

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I AM: Josh Taylor

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