Rolling With Dice: Locker-Room Fuck Session


It’s always great coming home from a trip out of town. Back in Portland OR from San Francisco already on the prowl for more hot fun. So if you haven’t heard, I’m very big on cruising and getting cruised. It started at very young age at park bath rooms, truck stops, mall bathrooms, dressing rooms, college campuses, nude beaches. It’s one thing that’s been a major turn on to me, and I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it.

Well today just like any other day, I got up to go to the gym, though upon arrival, I didn’t hop on my work out right away. I had the urge to go check out the steam room, maybe bust a nut prior. It wasn’t all too busy but 5 minutes later, a taller well-built guy with dark hair and a right pec tattoo, maybe early 30’s came in. At first, I didn’t think much of it ‘til I noticed when he sat down, he looked around, and slowly started hiking up his shorts some.  After noticing that, I began to do the same, then started rubbing thru my shorts a bit just to make sure. He started doing the same but kept glancing out the glass door. A moment later, he stood up, pulled out his fat cock and started stroking himself. He then pursued to walk closer to me. We began to start jerking off each other. I got on my knees and started tonguing his shaft ’til he pushed the head into my throat. I felt his hands going down my back, into my shorts ‘til he started fingering my sweaty hole. Though thru the glass door, I spotted someone coming so it was time to stop.

After the small play in the steam room I thought I may as well go rinse off and get ready to run. We were both in the showers but it was a bit busy in the locker room so we weren’t able to watch and stroke from the mirrors with each other nor able to get close and touch, or taste. Another guy was waiting to hop in the shower (the wet area locker room is pretty small, only 20 lockers, two showers, two sinks, a urinal, and a stall). The guy I had been originally cruising with got out to get dressed. As for me, I was taking my time lathering up, on the prowl before I go start my work out. It’s hard to help myself though, when I got cock on the mind now. A taller, younger guy maybe 26 or 27, now was in the shower next to me, but no surprise was, he was already hard but kept facing the wall. I assume its cause of the locker room was fairly busy today. A couple guys started lining up to wait for the showers so I took that as my queue to dry off and go start my workout.

When I got back to the locker room after finishing my work out it was now slow with one older muscle daddy in there. We’ve messed around before at the gym and met up at a local adult bookstore after working out in the past. So I started getting undressed and playing with my dick next to the guy, then headed towards the showers. It’s always nice to soap up and stroke. The older daddy is very verbal, dominant, and knows what he wants. Just how I like it! He came over pulled out his dick and told me to suck it. So I did what he said and got on my knees and let him face fuck me ‘til he told me to bend over the sink, spit on my hole, and shoved his raw cock deep in. (The best lube ever is spit).

After fucking me over the sink, he told me to go straddle the bench by the lockers. He then spread open my cheeks, spit a few more times on my hole and shoved his thick raw wood all the way in, plowing my hole ‘til he shot his man load deep in my gut. He then pulled his pants up and left the locker room; me laying there used, loaded, and naked. Can’t help but to finger and taste my spit-covered-cum-filled hole. Very glad I came back down after my workout. This time, I just got dressed without showering. One of the reasons I love going to the gym is: you never know what that bonus workout or pre-workout may be. Now I’m heading for home to get ready for work tonight at the bath house Hawks PDX, maybe I can get another load or two or three in me before the end of the night.

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