TIMGEAR Photoshoot With Behind The Scenes Footage!


So the boys at TIM decided to do a photoshoot over the weekend to show off the new Jocks we got.  The photoshoot was so much fun and the guys looked great.  The Jocks are very comfy and they make great holiday stuffers.  Got the chance to wear them to my first gang bang this weekend and the fabric held up just fine with each person grabbing & tugging on them.  Hope you enjoy this update as much as I did during the shoot 😉

Warning: Delicious bare model ass ahead!

I salivated the entire time and couldn’t keep my eyes off those hard bodies & beautiful asses.  We had hot naked men all Sunday afternoon trying on sexy underwear for us. Even general manager Matt Mason couldn’t keep his hands off the TIMGear product but I secretly knew he wanted to feel those firm asses for himself.

Mission Accomplished!

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