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Hard Cuts 1 by Liam Cole is Banned in the UK

London, UK — December 4, 2014 — British censors have blocked Treasure Island Media’s latest video release, HARD CUTS 1, making it illegal to sell in the UK. Scenes showing drug-fueled outdoor sex have been opposed by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) who are demanding evidence that the activities were not visible to members of the public during filming.

HARD CUTS 1 was released internationally in its uncut form on December 3, 2014 and is available from Treasure Island Media’s website. However, UK stores must wait for the DVD to be passed with an R18 classification before selling it.

The BBFC has objected to two scenes. One features Dutch porn star PETO COAST fucking in a forest and the other, titled “STONER SIX-WAY,” shows six naked men smoking an unidentified substance and fucking on an open-air balcony.

HARD CUTS 1 was shot by LIAM COLE, Treasure Island Media’s London director. COLE has previously attracted criticism over his 2011 video SLAMMED, which was believed to show men having sex under the influence of recreational drugs taken intravenously ie. “slamming”.

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