AHF: Follow The Money

Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a man with an agenda — and it’s got nothing to do with public health.

Weinstein opposes government funding of research to cure AIDS! Instead, Weinstein wants those billions of government dollars to be diverted toward treatment and prevention services — the kind that he and his organization provides.

Michael Weinstein and AHF even sued Pfizer over Viagra — alleging it encouraged risky sexual behavior.

But Weinstein filed suit only after Pfizer turned down his multimillion-dollar funding request.

And what do AIDS activists say about Weinstein and AHF?

The AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition has called AHF’s efforts “half-hearted” and “self-promoting.” “AHF has a history of bargaining for its own interests to the exclusion of those in the community as a whole.”

That AHF’s campaigns “are always self-serving.” “Petty” and “small-minded.”

Analysts have called his campaigns “demeaning” “disturbing” “patronizing” “ridiculous” and “extortion.”

Weinstein is an opportunist who shamelessly exploits the misfortunes of others —

When news hit that a single adult industry performer tested positive for HIV, Weinstein unveiled his plan to make the world a better place by demanding that adult performers be required by law to wear condoms

And which AHF supporter provided the picket signs for AHF’s protest outside the Hustler Hollywood store?

Lifestyles Condoms.

Want to know the key to Weinstein’s real agenda?

Follow the money. . . . Michael Weinstein sure does.

Directed by Michael Whiteacre. Narrated by Lydia Lee

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