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HARD CUTS 1 Liam Cole

French Canadian gay porn star Jessy Karson is known for a couple things, namely his 9.5 inch dick and his sexual veracity. This skinny and cut artistic pig looks like a dirty punk but unabashedly admits to listening to Kelly Clarkson.  Recently, Jessy’s scene in Liam Cole’s HARD CUTS 1 was so hot that it was banned for sale in the UK! So far he’s been in four TIM fuck movies and has more to come. Read more in this exclusive interview. 

TIM: You’ve been shooting with TIM for a while now, what made you get started? What was the audition process like?

Jessy: I was already in the porn industry working as a model for a small safe sex studio for about 4 years before I started with TIM. I filled out a model application and Gehno Sanchez contacted me, I guess it was summer 2009, because the TIM crew was visiting Montreal. They wanted me in a scene which I guess was my audition. Once the scene was finished, Gehno asked me to come to San Francisco a few weeks after for Folsom to perform in some other scenes. Then I met Paul who heard of my presence at Folsom and wanted to meet me. I got an offer to sign my first contract with them at that point, and we started working again last summer.

TIM: So far you’ve been in four movies by Liam. Which scene was your favorite to shoot and why?

Jessy: Well i would say the group scene in Hard Cuts 1 definitely, also the 3some with Jake Ascott and Lincoln Gates was great too. I’m curious the see me as a bottom for Peto Coast.

Jessy Karson Treasure Island Media


TIM: Who’s your current porn crush and why? If we could pair you with any TIM Stud who would it be (American or Brit or Canadian)?

Jessy: There is so many!  I will forget a few that I really like but among others, Tattoo Junior , Antonio Biaggi , Jason Stormm , Shannon Steel, Fostter Riviera , Jordan Fox , Ruben Litzky , Ethan Wolfe, Marc Van Nassau , Bud, Deed Scott , Johnny Rahm, Dayton O’Connor , Shane Frost , Brent Everett , Chase Coxxx,  Hot Rod, Rob from 1000 Loads Fuck, Jeff Kendall, and CutlerX.

Regarding the pairing question, any of them. One at a time until I can check them off my list!

TIM: What do you do in your free time? How do you stay so cut and lean? Is it genetics or hard work?

Jessy: Well my answer will be frustrating for some people but the truth is I haven’t worked out in a while, and when I do I tend to try a mass gaining program. However, as you can see, I haven’t been successful about it. I cook a lot and I’m pretty good at it, but I don’t cook in a low fat way even if its still really healthy (must be the french part of me). Plus I get the munchies which make me eat lots of carbs, fat, sugar etc., but still after 5000 calories a day i usually never gain a pound. My dad is 54 and his still has the same body as I do , so I guess it’s genetics.

Regarding my free time, it varies a lot, of course I jerk off and smoke weed all day, but I’m an artist so i guess its just how it usually is anyway. I play music, I paint , and I also love reading about politics and psychology. I love interior design, and singing. I act as sexual therapist and psychologist to the people around me a lot- they tend to say I have a gift for making people feel comfortable right away. I love camping in summer time, cooking ,and I travel a lot as well. I love shopping of course as well.

Jessy Karson Treasure Island Media

TIM: You’ve got a punk aesthetic, what kind of music are you into/influenced by?

Jessy: To be honest I’ve got the style and attitude, but my music choices are far from punk. I guess that is where my gay side is clear! My iPod goes from Alanis Morrissette to Pink stoping to Diana Krall, Maroon 5, Nikki Yanofsky, and Kelly Clarkson.

TIM: How did you get involved in the adult industry? What do you enjoy most about it?

Jessy: I first started as a stripper in Montreal, which I was doing more for the showtime I was getting than the money. The artist in me saw an opportunity to get seen. Thank God , a producer quickly saw me over there, asked me to do porn for his studio after 4 days of work at the bar.  I worked a few years for that studio before starting with TIM and others.

Jessy Karson

TIM: What traits you attracted to most in other guys?

Jessy: I like people who speak their mind and are honest. Integrity is important to me and I like people with a strong personality. I like manly men. I don’t believe we need to look like fags because we are fags. Also someone that has both sides, meaning evil but down to earth as well.

TIM:  Congrats on making into HARD CUTS 1, what’s it like working with Liam Cole and the crew?

Jessy: Well thank you, but it is team work. It was really a nice movie to shoot, and it was probably one of the first time that I was excited to watch my scene to see my performance. I admit working with Liam is a charm, he is great and not pressuring  us/me to perform well. All is clear and calm, cause yes I get anxious easily. Liam knows what he was doing, he makes it fluid fun and easy, like telepathy almost. So I got comfortable right away with the crew. I wish I could work with them more often.

TIM: What’d in the pipeline for you in terms of Shooting for TIM?

Jessy: Well I just made a return to TIM, and I really love working with the London team. I hope for some more regular scenes since many fans asked me for more. There is a rumor of a Jessy Karson VIP filthy pig TIM party movie, which isn’t confirmed, so cross your fingers!

Jessy Karson Treasure Island Media
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  1. I fuckin worship Jesse Karson. Literally would do anything for the thrill of sleeping with his hot viral load in me. Bold. Proud. If I weren’t already poz, he would the one I’d seek out and beg to. Convert me. Want to lick his biohazard tattoo as he unloads inside me and happy to know he just infected my ass with his hot strain.
    Hail poz. Jesse is my poz god.

  2. Dude, you are so hot. I got fucked by Peto last year. hot. so we have that in common, but didn’t get his piss so maybe yours?
    I’m tall and dark haired Irish dude in LA

  3. WOW . . . What a HOT STUD . . . Most refreshing to see a fellow Canadian in the porn industry and ESPECIALLY with T.I.M. !!. Congrats to T.I.M. for having him . . . :). Have not had the pleasure of seeing most of his stuff however from the reaction of his scat scene, am really looking forward to it (being a lover of scat) . . . and the rest of his material :). KEEP IT GOING JESSE K!!

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