Check Out The Trailer For SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP by Max Sohl Now!


SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP caused an immediate sensation – prompting bottoms from all over the world to ask us if they could be our next cumdump.

As previously featured on, this five scene series showcases director Max Sohl auditioning 5 wannabee cumdump bottoms to see if they have what it takes to appear in a Treasure Island Media gangbang.

The ground rules are simple – each man agrees to be pumped and dumped on a fuckbench by whoever Max brings in to fuck them. They are not allowed to ask who is coming to use them. They do not know if they will be taking one load – or subjected to multiple breedings.

This special pornstash DVD includes bonus cumdump interviews and a breeding compilation.

Featuring: The Cumpdump (ANONYMOUS), Sean Parker, Antonio Biaggi, Eddie, Alex Kaine, Rob Yaeger, Ross Vincent, Jack Allen, Sean Parker, Archer Adams, Jack Handler, and Kevin Slater.

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  1. Not related to this specific clip but IML in Chicago. You guys going to be shooting any videos during the event? I would love to go. So here’s the deal. I’m a bottom pretty much. Into pretty much anything from anon bondage hoods gags wild hard rough raw…name it I’ll do it. If you would be interested in anything I have to offer I’ll be yours to video , help out or anything you need the entire event for free. If I can be in a video and /or take a load you own me until you’re done. If that’s of interest let me know. Open to considering anything you can think up so get creative and push the bar…

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