HARD CUTS Launch Party at Expectations UK!

Liam Cole HARD CUTS 1

We decided to have a launch party for the first of the new Hard Cuts series of movies by Liam Cole. Where better to have this celebration but Expectations, one of London’s largest gay fetish retailers.

HARD CUTS 1 Launch Party

We invited along models from the film: Sam Porter, Lincoln Gates, Nathan Gear and Bruce Jordan and it wasn’t long before the store turned into a full on sex scene, with cocks being sucked and arses being eaten left, right and centre. With the free DVD’s and TIMGear giveaways, naked barmen and all live the action going on, what happened next turned this launch party into a proper Treasure Island Media event.

Hard Cuts 1 Launch Party Liam Cole


We had asked one of our newest muscle bottoms, Russ Magnus to join the party just as the doors were closing to the public. Where better to film a new scene than at a TIM party and by the time the filming had stopped Russ’s ass was overflowing with cum!

Hard Cuts 1 Launch Party

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