The Nate Chronicles #3: My 10 year anniversary with Treasure Island Media

Today marks my 10 year anniversary with Treasure Island Media.

HOLY FUCK is all I can say!!!

I never imagined 10 years ago when I showed up to Max’s apartment to pick up the equipment to head to shooting Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend that I would be starting something that I would repeat for the next 10 years!

I have had some crazy experiences and stories over the years and I’ve met some of the most amazing men that I will consider friends for the rest of my life. I’m proud to be working for one of the most well known, respected, vilified, and notorious studios in existence! We keep fighting the good fight bringing all you guys hot sticky cummy bareback porn. We love what we do and I’m pretty sure it shows in every scene we produce. I know I wouldn’t be here without all you guys and I truly appreciate it. From messages on Facebook and Twitter I’ve received over the years, to events where we’ve been and I get to meet you guys face to face it’s truly been a privilege.

Here are some highlights over the years:

—That very first day on set being equal parts nervous and excited and within 2 hours Max turns to all of us in the crew and asks us to cum in a bowl and then our loads were turkey basted up Dawson’s hungry hole for a scene.

—The shoot we had so many guys that in order to get paid they had to get a playing card from me after they had their cum shot and show it to Max. They don’t call it the “money shot”for a reason! haha!

—Shooting on Fire Island for the weekend and being in the Meat Rack at 3:00am having sex and running into Dawson getting gang banged.

—The time when we were in London shooting UK Beef Bangers and one night Max, Dawson, Brad McGuire, Jake one of our Production Assistants, and I went to see Billy Elliot the musical and all the gay ushers having a meltdown seeing Dawson and Brad McGuire at their place of work.

—The ONLY time someone has ever walked off one of our sets this Prima Donna claimed the 3 top guys weren’t paying him enough attention.  Within seconds of him walking out one of the other guys turned to Max and said “I’ll bottom for these 2 hot dicks” and the scene continued on and was hot as hell!

—The time I skipped my 10 year High School reunion so we could film Meat Packing and it being one of the most fun weekends of my life!

—Way too many to mention and if I leave you off please forgive me but the first time I met Paul Morris, Dawson, Brad McGuire, Drew Sebastian, Damon Dogg, Liam Cole, Lito Cruz, Christian, Marc Short, Antonio Biaggi, Ian Jay, Kurt Wood, Luke Tyler, Rocco Steele, Owen Powers, Jack Allen, Matt Sizemore, Mr. Marky, Colin Steele, Luke Thomas, Marcus Isaacs, Lukas Cipriani, Peto Coast, and my porn crush Champ Robinson!!

—The time I was on set with a bottom who took anonymous loads for 3 hours and when we were finished and packing up the equipment afterwards talking to him and finding out we went to High School together a year apart from each other.

—The time I shared a hotel room with Austin Shadow and every morning would wake up to his massive morning hard-on staring me in the face.

—Watching Brad McGuire fuck 20 bottoms in one weekend.

–The time a cocksucker fell and broke his wrist on the way to a shoot 45 minutes before it was to start. Me hopping on Scruff, finding another cocksucker in the area, and saving the scene only to have the fire alarm go off right as the top guy was going to blow his load.

—The sexual energy that was in the room while we were shooting the all day gangbang in Breeding Marcus Isaacs.

I could go on and on forever but I just want to say thanks to all of our fans for being so kick ass over the years. You make all the stressful, crazy times and occasional bullshit we have to put up with WELL WORTH IT!!! Some days go better than others as in any job but at the end of the day I get to surround myself with awesome, friendly, artistic, crazy people who are in it for one purpose…TO MAKE THE HOTTEST PORN OUT THERE!!!

I consider Max one of my friends for life. He and I have seen each other through some good times, and bad times over the last 10 years and I’m proud to call you a friend as well as a boss who occasionally lets you leave in the middle of the afternoon to go have sex. As he puts it “sometimes you just need to get fucked!” How cool is that?!?!


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