Never Underestimate The Power Of A Treasure Island Media Cumdump By Flynn Evans

Blue Bailey in VIRAL LOADS
Blue Bailey in VIRAL LOADS

A couple of days ago, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation publicly denounced Viral Loads star Blue Bailey, who was in NZ to film a documentary about PrEP. Their executive director wasn’t happy Blue was visiting, and sounded off about his (excellent, legendary) work in TIM porn:

“For porn to be presenting a norm of condom less sex and making a very aggressive statement about condom less sex being safe and ok is completely contradicting what the gay community around the world has spent 30 years trying to build up which is a culture of safety.”

Now, if you told me Blue Bailey was coming to visit, I’d lay out the red carpet (so he wouldn’t scrape his knees as I fuck the hell out of him). However, New Zealand AIDS Foundation weren’t so welcoming.

You may think perhaps NFAF are just a bunch of jealous bottoms, but unfortunately it was another example of their condomcentric, anti-bareback paranoia.

You see, NZAF has been running a singular message for years: Love Your Condom. That’s it. NZAF has instilled this untenable pressure on gay men to use condoms, and the inability to do so is seen as a moral failure.

Love Your Condom Campaign by NZAF

NZAF then trumpets their success in maintaining low levels of HIV notifications, whilst conveniently ignoring that a significant number of at-risk gay men leave NZ for Australia and beyond (I can personally attest to dropping a load in a number of NZ asses, all refugees from the Love Your Condom regime).

So, Blue was denounced and NZAF thought all was right in the world. Except Blue Bailey has a lot of fans. Smart fans too, who jumped online and started talking. Suddenly, people around the world discovered how backwards NZAF was and let them know that no-one denounces a Treasure Island Media cumdump.

Some 48 hours after the denouncing story broke, the NZAF executive director has come out to say that they’re lobbying the NZ government for a PrEP trial, and that “our view on this question is that PrEP will be of benefit to high risk gay and bisexual men who resist condom use.”

For an organisation that has had their head in the sand about how gay men really fuck for years, this is a huge step. Once again proving that if you want something done, send in a TIM power bottom. They’re used to dealing with big dicks, and NZAF is run by one of the biggest.

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