I AM: Ray Dalton

Ray Dalton is a busy man on and off camera. I recently got a chance to meet him after he finished doing a scene here in Portland.

You can catch Ray in Max Sohl’s newest release “ FUCK OFF HOMO” or follow him on twitter @RayDaltonXXX


DICE: So, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

RAY: Yes. I’m 48, 5ft/11in, 190 lbs, 8×6, Vers, I live in West Hollywood, I travel an average of 6 months per year. I’m creative, entrepreneurial and a self-starter. I love my life! I was born and raised in a Mennonite family on a farm in Ohio. I had my first guy on guy raw fucking at an adult video arcade in Canton Ohio. The first three guys I met there, completely unrelated, took me to the same park several blocks away and we fucked on the same picnic table. As many of you know, obviously something clicked… I still love public sex and video arcades.  I lived in Akron, Cleveland then San Diego. I found home in Los Angeles in October 1989. Among many others, 2 major events that shaped my life were having cancer in 1991 and becoming free of drug and alcohol addiction in 1995. I’ve had many jobs over the years including every department of the restaurant and catering world, Photographer, Lifecoach, Porn and soon to launch my own brand: BigD. 


DICE: Was porn something that you were always interested in doing?

Ray: Yes. For years I was in businesses that were not open to me also doing anything adult oriented. In 2008 when the economy took a nosedive I began to consider my options. They say the way to find a good career for yourself is to find something you love doing and make money at it. My first thought was “SEX!” All my reasons for not doing porn had one by one dropped away. When I decided to take the leap, I went straight to my favorite porn company Treasure Island Media and I have never regretted it for a second.


DICE: What is one of your most memorable shoots you’ve done with TIM?

RAY: Lots of them but “Cheap Manwhore” in Manfuck Manifesto with Blake Daniels as the gang-bang bottom is among my top favorites. There was something crazy hot about the way the staff gave us no info on Blake. Acted like they didn’t know anything about him, whether he was straight or gay, kept him hidden in the bathroom until the moment of the scene. They said Blake wanted to get into the right headspace. When he walked out and without a word got on all fours to get bred, we let loose on him. The anon factor was crazy-hot. 


DICE: What are some TIM films the fans can find you in?

RAY: Bone Deep, Cheap Thrills Volume 2, The 1,000 Load Fuck, Manfuck Manifesto, London Uncut, Breeding Marcus Isaacs, & Fuck Off Homo

DICE: What’s in the pipeline for you in terms of Shooting for TIM or any fantasy scene you’d like to make happen?

RAY: Fantasy Scenes: I would love to be in the next Fuck Holes series or a scene where I am the top (Daddy) and I breed 2 or 3 bottoms -teaching them “what men do”. 


DICE: I’ve seen some hot videos of you having outdoor fun, would you consider yourself a exhibitionist? 

RAY: YES!!! I get naked in public every chance I get, even where its not permitted. I’m known as “The Naked Chef” at Burning Man. I love driving the streets of any city naked at night. I was at Fantasy Fest 2015 in Key West and was naked for an hour before I was told I had to put something on. Also, I will never forget my first naked Folsom Street Fair. When I met up with my bud “Naked Bob” he said to me ” You’re overdressed”, I stripped. We walked around and hundreds of photos were taken. One moment that day is particularly burned in my memory when yet another group of “tourists” squealed “OMG, look at those guys, they’re naked!” My organic thought within myself was “THIS is how God created us and we were meant to be. YOU are the freaks wearing clothes”. The experience was/is that of freedom and empowerment. My life was forever opened. Now since then, sometimes my exhibitionism is spiritual but more often it just GETS MY DICK HARD! 


DICE: What are some of your hobbies outside of porn?

RAY: Photography, Gym, Sex, Getting naked in Public, Tattoos, Volunteering, Mentoring, Late night dinner with friends.

DICE: I heard a rumor that you’re starting a underwear line, is this rumor true?

RAY: BigD Underwear is in the works. As we know, most good things take a while to produce, otherwise it falls apart in 2 weeks. I just met with my pattern-maker on Saturday. I’m looking for capitol/investors, but in the meantime I’m funding it on my own. Beginning in December I’m producing Big D fuck parties and that will begin to fund the underwear production. I’ve had an underwear fetish for years and travel everywhere with at least 60-70 underwear and jocks. It all began with my favorite: basic “tighty-whities”. This comes from seeing my buddies growing up on the farm wearing white Sears briefs. Since then I’ve branched out and love a bit of everything but my “first love” is a basic brief and that’s why I’ll first launch an all white and an all black low-rise fly-front brief that will appeal to EVERY demographic. Then soon to be followed by jockstraps, boxer briefs, and some fun stuff!  So…. Back to my exhibitionistic nature how does a die-hard free-baller be into underwear? I look at underwear as something to be played in and then ripped off or fuck in them! 


DICE: You of course have a amazing body, any tips for the fans that want to get ripped?

RAY: Yes. Have sex every day! Haha but true. The key is to realize that no two bodies are alike. Work with what you’ve got. Create your own version of that which you want to emulate. I started with a skinny body but as I put on muscle it now requires consistent focus to stay ripped. Having said that I do eat healthy on a daily basis. Lots of proteins rice vegetables greens. I rarely eat breads. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m far from perfect! It’s just that the larger balance of my meals are healthy. EXERCISE : Work out every day. Do ab exercises every day. Consistency consistency consistency. Do it for good health for longterm results. Doing it for good looks usually gets you seasonal results. I do it for BOTH. OH! And get a good trainer. That was a HUGE turning point for me -learning good form.

DICE: What turns you on in a man?

RAY: His pervy, horny, uninhibited, gotta-fuck-now attitude. Confident, intimate and open-minded, now THAT’s a great man. Someone who’s sinking his teeth into life. A man who can “own” his body-type and practices self-care. A man who is free willed and shows his emotions. 


DICE: What’s a major turn off?

RAY: Insecurity. Arrogance. (confidence is sexy, arrogance is not.) Another turn off is when a guy won’t kiss (unless it’s through a dark Gloryhole!)

DICE: You have a ton of hot tattoo’s, whats one that means a lot to you?

RAY: That’s like asking a parent which of their children are their favorite! If I had to pick one I would say the word curious tattooed on my right thigh. Being “Curious” is the secret to a rich full life. It also references constant growth and open-mindedness.


DICE: What do you enjoy about living in LA?

RAY: Other than Everything?! Let me preface this by saying that everyone has to find “home”. You have to find your groove and I found mine in LA. New York is my favorite city to visit. South Florida has my favorite weather. Los Angeles is my home. From the year-round moderate whether to the sprawling miles and miles of communities joined by city streets and freeways. In one day you can be in moderate 75° weather on the beach, a 1 hr drive to the mountains and you can go snow skiing and keep driving and hit the desert where it’s 90°. To me the traffic is a small price to pay for living in Paradise. Spirituality is thriving. Having lived here 26 years I have many incredibly genuine honest real friends in LA. I’m very passionate about California. I was born and raised in Ohio, however I consider California my home. 


DICE: You travel a lot, any upcoming Ray Dalton events or parties?

RAY: Yes. Im hosting the Wed Dec 2nd fuck party during www.pigweek.com in Fort Lauderdale. My party is from noon til 6pm. Look for future Big D fuck parties around the country. Go to www.BigDProduction.com for updates and schedules.

DICE: Is there anything you want people to know that I didn’t ask you?

RAY: I’m not just another fuck (and neither are you). Years ago my high sex drive was misguided and had no focus, I considered myself a sex addict. Through years of personal growth, getting grounded, a commitment to have a great life and as a result, make a difference in the world, I discovered my sexuality as a GIFT and a means to make the world a better place. GREAT SEX.


Watch Ray Dalton Now!

Bone Deep

Cheap Thrills Volume 2

The 1,000 Load Fuck

Manfuck Manifesto

London Uncut

Breeding Marcus Isaacs

Fuck Off Homo


  1. Ray Dalton is my number one all time favorite porn actor. From the first moment I laid eyes on him, he has been in my deepest and darkest fantasies. There is just something about that tattooed, scruffy, bad-boy, daddy that just sends me over the edge. Not to mention, I get intoxicated by all of the nasty, no boundaries, verbal, vibe he gives off. There is nothing hotter than a beautiful man like him fucking an ass and then on a moments notice putting his legs in the air and taking cum in his ass himself. A true pig. Keep up the awesome work Ray. I will always be one of your biggest fans.

  2. Hello Ray,

    I just want to thank you for doing porn. You’ve got a seriously -hot- ass, and have inspired some intense jerk-off sessions.

    The only thing better than watching your ass as you’re pumping a load into some lucky man’s rectum, is watching a big greasy dick hammering your butthole.

    It’s all about that ass!

  3. I come from mainland China, I will not speak English, I like watching your movies, so I want to try to sign up for your model, I do not have AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis B and other infectious diseases, my figure is sports, like a variety of different types of men, in addition to fitness, I like photography, writing novels, But in China, have been banned from publication, I have not come out of the closet, so if we can shoot. I don’t want others to see my face. At the same time, we must not with AIDS or other infectious diseases of the actors.in the shooting, I can play a very important role, my NSTAGRAM id is qgyl1982,My phone number is 18607544434.My WeChat ID is QGYL1982.

  4. Ray you fucking turn me on so much with your hot fucking body and big cock you love showing off in public. I was so sad I missed you when you were here in Seattle not too long ago. Would love to see a real man like up close and in person. If I ever get some extra $$$ I’m gonna give you a call for sure.

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