TIM GETS REVIEWED: We Are Coming For You

The team over at Free Gay Pix has reviewed Paul Morris’s We Are Coming For You (available HERE). 

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Brad McGuire, Fyerfli, Johnny, Ian Jay, Keer, Calvin,Fucktard, Max Cameron, Ed Hunter, Cutler X, Jay Brix, Mark David, Wolfie Blue.

Anal Sex, Barebacking, Big Dicks, Blue Collar, Bondage, Cumshots, Interracial, Leather, Mature, Muscles, Oral Sex, Twinks, Uncut.

Reviewed by: Jay


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TIM is coming for you! Paul Morris truly knows how to capture and embrace mansex at its purest form. There are those that follow and know exactly what this is all about and then there’s others who can only imagine. As a follower, it is a privilege to review this movie. This movie takes us across the map as we get incredible scenes from different states.

Scene 1: Maury Island, WA There’s no need to say action as the cameras roll, Max and Jay are already getting started. These two lock eyes from the very beginning and we know that we are in for an intense fuck session. They start off with Max dropping to his knees and getting face fucked. He takes that cock deep getting it nice and wet. Jay gets Max on all fours and begins prepping that man ass. He slurps on that beautiful tight hole. He wastes no time as he slides that thick cock inside. Max takes a minute to open up, and soon Jay as that bone buried deep. Jay rides that ass hard as the camera captures the ecstasy on Max’s face. Jay gets Max on his back and continues pounding. The intensity between these two is hot. There’s a beautiful moment when the cameraman asks if he likes that cock. Max replies with a huge grin and a chuckle that he loves it. Max takes control as he sits on top of Jay’s cock and rides. Max’s hole is hungry as he lies back and stretches that hole open for Jay’s ramrod. Jay teases that hole as he stabs it with his cock. The pounding is relentless. In the end, these two are face to face in a tight embrace as Jay works to deliver his seed. He shoots that load up Max’s ass. Max is anxious to clean that cock.

Scene 2: Great Falls, MT Just when you thought you wouldn’t see Brad McGuire again. TIM either called him back from retirement or they saved one of his scenes. (I’m going to have to find out about that!) Enjoy this one! Brad is paired up with hungry bottom Mark. The two start off with Mark choking on Brad’s thick cock and balls. Brad is always in control as he instructs Mark to take as much as he can. Mark wants that cock deep in his ass. He gets on all fours and offers up that ass to Brad. Brad fingers that tight hole and then slides his cock in deep. Brad holds his cock there as he gives Mark time to adjust. Brad takes his time working it in as Mark slowly opens up. Sometimes you have to rip the bandaid off, and Brad slams in and begins to pick up the pace. Brad hammers Mark from behind, stretching that hole open. Mark moans loudly as Brad continues driving it deep. Mark wants Brad to breed him. Brad delivers a huge load up Mark’s chute.

Scene 3: Cheyenne, WY Ed is being serviced by a young boy, who’s not named. The boy is working to swallow Ed’s big man cock. This boy is about to be worked over by this rugged daddy. Ed gets the boy in a sling where he works that hole over. You can tell by the look on this boy’s face that he’s being stretched and pounded to new limits. The boy is squealing so loudly that Ed duct tapes his mouth shut. Ed humps that boy hard and deep. They move out of the sling and Ed lies across the boy’s back, holding him in a bear hug as he works towards dumping his load. The boy can’t take much more and he whimpers for Ed to cum inside him. Ed deposits his load and practically passes out on top of the boy.
Scene 4: Aurora, TX Calvin has the pleasure of tearing up the Fucktard’s hole. The Fucktard is always up for powerfuck, and Calvin is up for the task. The Fucktard starts off feasting on Calvin’s thick meat. The Fucktard is like a baby on a bottle as he works that cock. Calvin gets Fucktard onto his stomach and he climbs up and straddles that ass, stabbing his cock balls deep. The drilling commences and Calvin doesn’t let up. The Fucktard loves being used and abused and from the smile on his face, we know this is when he’s the happiest. Calvin hammers Fucktard like a dog in heat. This pounding is intense and the reward is filling that cumdump with a big load.

Scene 5: Cape Girardeau, MO Keer is lying on the bed with his big pole getting serviced by Ian Jay. Ian slurps on that cock as he works to swallow it deep. He climbs up and then uses his ass to swallow that pole balls deep. Ian rides that cock like he’s on a merry-go-round. The cameramen do a great job capturing all the angles of this hot ride. Ian works for that load as Keer lies back with his hands behind his head. Keer enjoys the show as Ian works to get that seed. Keert shoots and Ian slides his ass back down. He uses his ass to milk that big cock of every last drop. Ian cleans Keer’s cock off, as he nurses on that big tool.


Scene 6: Hourglass Lake, IN Fyerfli enters the room and finds a blindfolded Johnny lying naked, face down on the bed. Fyerfli dives in and gets a taste of young Johnny’s ass. He then strips out of his clothes and prepares to pierce that sweet hole with his big dick. Johnny winces and gasps as he is filled with manmeat. Fyerfli falls across his back and begins to drive his cock in deep. Fyerfli breaks in that boyhole as he slams into Johnny’s thin young body. Johnny enjoys being used and having his hole stuffed. Johnny whimpers and moans, but that only excites Fyerfli. He falls on top of Johnny and kisses his neck. He then picks up the speed and hammers deep. Johnny begins to thrust back on that big cock. In the end, Fyerfli shoots his load up Johnny’s hole. At the end, Fyerfli gets vocal as he aggressively fucks that load deep inside Johnny. Fyerfli climbs up and has Johnny clean off his cock. Just when you think it’s over, Fyerfli slides back in and pounds Johnny again, this time in a missionary position. Fyerfli is working to get Johnny to shoot his load. Fyerfli fingers Johnny hole and soon Johnny is spilling his load all over his stomach. Fyerfli licks it up and then shares a sloppy kiss with Johnny.

Scene 7: Hopskinsville, KY Anyone that knows CutlerX knows that someone’s hole is about to be torn up. Wolfie Blue is the lucky bottom that is going to take that monster cock. CutlerX wields a club between his legs and he’s about to beat Wolfie’s hole. CutlerX has Wolfie work that big cock and those big balls over with his tongue and mouth. Wolfie’s eyes are big and he’s beginning to realize what he’s gotten himself into. CutlerX has an authoritative demeanor and there’s no turning back now. CutlerX gets Wolfie on the bed and he starts out eating that ass. He lubes up and then gently works that cock in and out slowly. He sinks it in inch by inch and soon Wolfie’s gasping for breath. CutlerX is in no hurry as he gives Wolfie tiem to adjust. Wolfie shares a few yelps as that cock reaches new places inside. CutlerX lies back and let’s Wolfie sit back on his pole. Once the hole has been drilled out, CutlerX turns it up a notch. He rapidly hammers into Wolfie. Wolfie cries out in ecstasy as his hole gets torn up. CutlerX gets Wolfie on his back and they suck face for a bit as CutlerX begins to drive it in deep. Johnny never really lets up. CutlerX flips Wolfie so he’s sitting on CutlerX’s cock. They share kisses as CutlerX drives his pole up into that tight hole. With Wolfie’s legs thrown over his shoulder, CutlerX continues wrecking that hole until he’s injected his load deep inside.

Scene 8: Grovers Mill, NJ This is a scene is a recap of all the cumshots. 

J. (n.d.). Review: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. Retrieved July 06, 2016, from http://www.freegaypix.com/reviews/review2022.html

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