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Sick Fucks has been highly acclaimed, and controversial (for it’s banning in the UK) since its release in March. One such review has come from our friends at Free Gay Pix, which is available to view on their site HERE, along with many other stellar reviews of Treasure Island Media films. The full review is also transposed below.

Let us know what your review of Sick Fucks is in the comments below, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to view it yet, purchase your copy HERE.




Jessy Karson, Chris, Mickey, Tex Davidson, Jack Dixon, Pony, Lukas Cipriano, Abraham, Ryan Bravo,Murphy, Jesse Darling.

Anal Sex, Barebacking, Big Dicks, Blue Collar, Bondage, Cumshots, Europeans, Extreme, Mature, Muscles, Oral Sex, Orgy, Solo,Toys, Twinks, Uncut, Watersports.Reviewed by: Jay


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There’s one in all of us!Treasure Island Media has done it again with their release of Sick Fucks. This work of art taps into the primal desires of man, whether you let it out or have it locked away, within each of is a “sick fuck.”

Scene one is called Whole Hog and who better to get for the bottom pig than Preston Johnson. Preston is worked hard by Adam Russo, Tex Davidson and Jack Dixon. These three take turns pounding Preston’s man pussy. That hole opens up like a flower, as the guys welcome the beautiful rosebud. The guys take turns plowing him at both ends. Preston’s eyes roll back in his head as he takes another hit of some poppers. The fucking intensifies as the men realize that this loose hole can take more than one cock. The guys double fuck him while the third shoves his cock down Preston’s throat. They abuse Preston as they tag team him. We do catch Adam getting his cock sucked by Rex. He doesn’t join them again until he’s ready to shoot his load inside Preston. Towards the end, they decide to take it up another notch as they fist Preston. His hole swallows their hands as they take turns shooting their loads and mix it inside. This was an incredibly intense and awesome way to start this film!!

Scene two is called Sick Fuck. It starts out with Pony lying back and stroking his enormous cock. Chris enters and eagerly goes down on that cock. He impresses as he works to take much of that cock down his throat. This is true cock worship. Pony gets Chris on his back and lines up his ramrod. Slowly he inserts his pole as Chris’s eyes roll back in his head. Pony gives him some time to adjust as he works it in inch by inch. Once he’s burrowed in deep, he picks up the pace and begins to ride. Chris announces that he wants that “big poz load.” Although it seems early in the scene Pony is hitting all the right places, as it causes both of them to shoot. Pony injects his seed deep and then has Chris suck his cock clean. With the tool he has, I’m surprised Pony didn’t do more as this fuck was rather basic. The scene was hot, but definitely too short. Strange that the movie would be named after this scene.

Scene three puts us right back on track with a “Deep Fuck.” First we meet Lukas who’s teaching us the best way to roll a joint. Next we find Lukas kneeling on a couch as he’s getting entered from behind. Abraham uses and abuses Lukas Cipriani beyond measure. Lukas is roughly manhandled as Abraham grabs him by the throat and works him over. Lukas deepthroats Abraham’s cock as he plays with his hole. Abraham is creative with the positions as he drills deep into Lukas. Abraham alternates between Lukas’s holes. Lukas gags on Abraham’s meat. Abraham enjoys eating and fingering that hot ass. He dives back in and continues hammering. Abraham slaps Lukas’s ass as he rides to the finish. He dumps a load deep inside and then licks Luka’s hole. He slides back in and fills Lukas with his piss. Abraham lies down on the floor as Lukas squats over him to feed him the piss. The two share an intense moment at the end as Abraham chokes him. The scene turns to black and white where we see Abraham dragging Lukas across the floor by his ponytail. Great ending to make you think that the abuse for Lukas has only just begun.

Scene four continues the momentum as it’s titled Twisted Fuck. Jessy Karson is on the bed getting his cock sucked by Ryan Bravo. Jessy gets right to business as he gets Ryan on all fours so he can prep the ass. He then slides his cock in balls deep and begins hammering. Jessy slams in and out like a dog in heat. This is one rough fuck as he pins Ryan’s arms behind him and fucks him hard. They move to the bathtub where Jessy pisses all over Ryan’s face and in his mouth. Back in the bedroom, Jessy duct tapes Ryan’s wrists behind him. Jessy works to tear him a new one. He slaps that ass and hammers wildly. He breeds Ryan’s hole and then writes Breed Me on Ryan’s ass. Scene five is called the Birds and the Beez. It opens with Murphy taking a hit off of a joint before getting his face fucked by Jesse Darling’s fat pierced cock. Jesse fucks that throat hard causing Murphy to gag and spit up. He’s fine and they go back at it, but Murphy’s going to be dehydrated after losing so much saliva. After getting his throat abused, it’s only fair that his asshole gets abused. Jesse grabs some grease as he prepares to fuck Murphy with a dildo that’s as thick as a beer can. Murphy is hitting the poppers as his hole gets torn open. Jessy slides his cock inside as he drills deep. He also has a few other toys to help him stretch out that chute. Jessy begins working the grease up into Murphy’s chute before moving onto the bigger toys. After the toys and some more fucking, Jessy takes a piss inside Murphy. Jessy pulls that hole pen with his thumbs as the piss bubbles out. They give Murphy a pot that he squats over and unloads the piss and the grease from his ass. He tells the camera that he’s a fucking pig. Returning to the bed, Jessy greases that hole again. He then works his fist inside that insatiable hole. The cameraman gets his turn to fist Murphy. He invites Jessy to join him. Jessy slides in four fingers in alongside. What started out as a beautiful hole is now a gaping man pussy. Murphy looks as if he’s going to pass out as he gets fist fucked. They give him a chance to relax by inserting a huge butt plug in his ass. Jessy gets his cock back inside alongside of his hand. Murphy dances on the line between pleasure and pain. Jessy gets Murphy’s ass in the air where he opens that hole and fills it with beer. Jessy laps at the hole before giving Murphy the pot to unload in. Then the fisting continues again. In the end, Jessy gets Murphy on his stomach where he fucks him from behind. After the ass torture he took, Murphy should be resting easy as Jessy works to fill him with his man cream. You’re going to lose a few loads yourself as you watch this incredible scene!sickfucksbbScene six is called Alone with Mickey. Mickey is about 18 years old. This young stud shows off his smooth body for the cameraman. He gets undressed and begins jerking off for the camera. He’s directed to bust onto his stomach so they can see how high he shoots. The cameraman gets a finger in Mickey’s mouth, then adds some more. Next the camera is set down as the cameraman positions Mickey on his back with his legs in the air. The cameraman begins rimming that boy hole. He then rubs that tight hole as he tries to get a finger in there. The cameraman talks dirty as Mickey rapidly jerks off. He then grabs Mickey by the throat. He continues helping him out as he sucks on those smooth boy balls. Mickey releases a big load all over his abs. With Mickey talking of bondage, I was surprised that this boy didn’t get initiated in true TIM style. Hopefully we’ll see him again.The last scene started out very intriguing. The effects were intense as we knew that Ryan was back letting us know that he had no limits. He was then getting fucked by a brute that grabbed him by the throat and told him that the beast was coming to rape him. After a few minutes, the guy unloaded in Ryan. Unfortunately the scene was then over. This looked like it was going to be the start of a ritualistic mansex orgy. I was on the edge of my seat. Not sure what happened as most of it was in the dark. If TIM is smart, they will use this to create another film to follow this great film!

Jay. “Review: SICK FUCKS.” Video Reviews. FreeGayPix, n.d. Web. 06 July 2016.

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  1. Ryan Bravo is a very hot bottom. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. I watched the Jesse Karson scene where Ryan get bred and Jesse writes “breed me” on his ass. What happened next? Was there a line of guys out side the room each waiting to take their turn on Ryan? That would have been hot. Not a gang bang but a one by one visit with a bunch of tops that continue to unload their + seed in Ryan.

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