Rolling With DICE: Vegas Trip 2016

Just last weekend Damon Dogg, Kenny Host & I went off to Vegas for 4 days for work. When we landed we were picked up by Steven Richards and all headed to the hotel to check into our rooms. Damon Dogg, Rex and I shared a room, while Kenny, Steven and Diego Tovar shared the other.

Later that evening we filmed a hot scene at Hawks Gym Las Vegas featuring Brian Bonds, Derek Parker, Steven Richards, Diego Tovar, Zachary Scott, and Rex.


After filming Kenny went and hang out with Brian and Derek. Rex, Diego and I all decided to hit the strip. Which ended up being a blast, we all went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel, the view was amazing!


The next day was two more shoots and let me say the fuck scene that day was unbelievable, so hot and intense!


That night we all did dinner together, and decided to do the strip again, of course, we all had our yardstick drinks we were walking with.



The next morning Diego had to go catch his plane. Rex and I decided to go on a few roller coasters before he had to take off to drive back home. Later on, I decided to check out some shops were I found these pretty awesome suckers.


It was then just Damon, Kenny, Steven, and I. So that night we all decided to go out to Charlie’s in Las Vegas.


The next morning Steven dropped Damon, Kenny and I off at the airport. Interesting enough on our flight back home I noticed adult model Jack Hunter was also on our flight.



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