New Bareback Release: TIMFuck Volume 8

TIMFUCK Vol8: Handpicked Gut-Breeding Scenes! Web Version
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  1. I used to be a HUGE Treasure island media Fan, I would save up all my 1 dollar bills to buy an 80$ DVD . growing up it was the only porn factory around that actually had real life studs having real life bareback sex. Im 31 yrs old now and have known about the island since i was about 19 or so, ….so for the last decade i have slowly watched Paul Morris’s work of Art.. creepily turn into a sinking pirate ship… Even to this day i’d rather watch the old releases such as Animal, Plowed and Swallow due to the fact those films are actually done with a sense of secrecy and shame and in seedy Motel rooms,
    with guys that u obviously found off of Craigslist to do the movie. LOL
    I watched a few of the newer releases this morning and… talk about a BORE!
    all the models in the films seem to be Muscled up , meth’d out, ego maniacs that are desperately trying to get their cum shot on Film. Dude Paul? what happened ??u let the success of the company turn it into a double edged sword, which is ironically your symbol. no one even takes these videos serious anymore, not like they used to, they don’t offend anyone anymore… Because now it just seems like your trying to offend society…and society is like “uh whatever”
    Everyone is to busy trying to find hidden cam videos of the married guy getting secretly plowed by his boss. ITS ALL ABOUT REAL LIFE/and REAL SITUATIONS
    and a huge Fancy Room, full of muscled Tweakers , covered in tats and a engine cylinder to pour the semen into…is not a real life situation!!!, get some decent average looking guys , construction workers, office employees, baseball coaches…with a little gut but still a nice bubble butt.
    NOT gym rats thats have the treasure island symbol tatt’d all over their body. thats awesome they take pride in your company….but their used up and the sexiness is gone and filled with desperation and withered expressions.
    Please turn your company back into the shining beacon it used to be….like when Dawson, was the only guy crazy enough to take 20 loads in a weekend. I miss those days….and i think allot of horny guys do as well. i know with Prep all the gays think its Bathhouse orgy everywhere you go…BUt find the innocence in the world that is left , and bareback the hell out of it!! there are guys that are still in the closet and still don’t hook up with random strangers, and still have a wives… find them! and have them hook up with random strangers.! turn them into a bottom and bring back the paragraph stories and introductions to the guys in your films, i miss reading those right before watching what happens next.
    Stop doing all your shoots in fancy San Fran Hotels, go to Motel 6 and use one flashlight as your Lighting, make it as real as possible.

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