Dante Rosa vs Doc Johnson

What’s in a name? In the case of Doc Johnson’s Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock, pretty much everything you need to know – a big veiny dick n’ balls, from a quality manufacturer, and it cums in your ass. 

But does that make it “Amazing”? Only one way to find out, so we sent one to DICE. Our Portland director loves getting presents to stuff up guys’ butts, and put out feelers to see if anyone had a free afternoon. Fresh off his TIMSUCK debut, Dante Rosa decided to make lucky men of us all:


Now that just looks like too much fun. See how he shakes when he cums… pure bliss. While still not a real cock, we definitely consider a cum-squirting dildo a definite upgrade over a non cum-squirting dildo. The plunger that makes the dildo “cum” is easy to use while riding or inserting it, and useful when your lube starts gooping up or you want that warm “…ahhh” feeling at the end.

Doc Johnson includes a bottle of water-based “Splooge Juice” with every purchase, but there are quite a number of cum-like lubes out there to try. You could (theoretically) fill the plunger up with actual cum, and pump it into your own ass while your partner is away – but you could also fill it up with lemonade and run around Folsom Street Fair spraying it on everyone in a 10 foot radius.

Point being, its versatile. We like the gimmick Doc Johnson’s got going here, and we like a dildo we can re-lube effortlessly while in-use and in-us. Dante Rosa certainly enjoyed the girth, and we bet you will, too.

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