Members Only: Cum Tunnels Preview

Portland porn purveyors Dice and Damon Dogg have brought us another jizz loaded fuck film. Cum Tunnels, premiering for members on May 15th on TIMFUCK

Cum Tunnels is a study of raw masculine sexual behavior. With everything from drunk, rough fucking to a TWENTY MAN GANGBANG. 

This is going to be legendary.

Make sure you’re signed up before the May 15th premiere on TIMFUCK, because we’re going to be releasing this one to TIMPASS and TIMPASS+ members first.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments what turned yo on the most. 

Haven’t joined yet? Sign up using the buttons below to watch Cum Tunnels on TIMFuck. This movie will not be available for purchase until JUNE 19th, but you can catch the early release premiere with a TIMPASS or TIMPASS+ membership!

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