Dice in Vegas

Chase Parker and Dice explore the vast oceans of Las Vegas

Gambling, porn stars, and blue skies – that’s Vegas baby!

Our Portland director Dice took a trip to Vegas with a crew of TIM’s filthiest men to film some wild fuck scenes and a huge, no holes barred group fuck.

BACK ROW: Joey Wagner, Parker Logan, Mason Lear. FRONT: Topher Dimaggio, Chase Parker, Drew Dixon.

Wish you were there? Luckily for you, Dice took a bunch of behind the scenes pics and told us what went down after filming wrapped.  

TIM: Sounds like everyone had a good time, how were the shoots?

Dice: Great! This trip was so much more fun than my family trip the week before. For a work trip, it was really amazing. 

Dice, Chase, Brody, Topher, and Topher's Boyfriend

TIM: Do you get recognized a lot when you go out?

Dice: Yeah, people kept coming up and saying ‘Oh, you’re Dice from TIM!’ And everyone knows Topher Dimaggio. We went to some clubs, Charlie’s and Piranha, and we were VIP at both.

They say aliens built it...
Hmmm, where have those lips been?

TIM: Did you manage to sneak in any good hook-ups while you were there?

Dice: No, we were shooting too much. Generally the models don’t hook up before shoots.


TIM: So you’re not on Grindr or Scruff when you’re out of town?

Dice: Not really, I usually just use Grindr and Scruff for casting.

I did hook up at a spa the week before. I also blew a guy in a bathroom stall. It was nicer than it sounds, it was a fancy Vegas bathroom with its own door so we had some privacy. 

You must be at least this tall to ride.
Million Dollar Smile

TIM: Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see the footage.

Dice: No problem!

Click through the gallery below to see more behind the scenes photos. Keep an eye out for the Vegas scenes coming to TIMFUCK.

Wanna see more Dice? You can see him in Bone Ready and Buggery, streaming now in the Video Vault. 


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