Our Bodies, Our Choices

Barebackers get a bad rap because we don’t wrap it up. And the guys who bare it all on camera come under extra scrutiny from all sides – viewers, critics, studios, even other porn stars.

There’s even flak on the other side — condom-only actors who are harassed to do bare porn. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Just like who you fuck is your business, how you fuck is also your business. No one else’s. And that right extends to those who show off for your entertainment.

I get truly angry when I see men on Twitter go after someone who uses condoms – “you’d look great getting your ass rammed by a bare cock! Why don’t you cross over to [insert studio name here]” I might see. Or, alternatively, a bareback star gets raked over the coals because he’s leaving himself open to all kinds of diseases. Or because he’s been in a bareback flick he’s corrupted or dirty – studios in particular are guilty of this one.

Those who say things like that clearly don’t get the ethos that Treasure Island Media has been preaching for ages. They don’t get the mission statement. Men doing what they want the way they want to do it. And believe it or not, that mantra goes for guys who wrap it up too.

The beauty of sex is that you can explore and make conscious choices about how you enjoy your body. You weigh the risks and make your decisions, prepared to deal with any consequences that may arise. And lucky us, we’re in the 21st century, where medical science is helping us treat and prevent many of the things that scared men off in the 80s and 90s.

And if you still wish to have that extra layer of protection – that’s cool too. Preference begets choice. Choice begets freedom. We are all free to do whatever the fuck we want.

I once got lectured on a dating site about my Built to Fuck tattoo. The guy said I’ve “ruined my life forever.” Sure, I may not be able to go to a public pool shirtless anymore, but I’ve made a statement. I’ve declared my sexual liberation. Plus it really turns guys on when it comes down to it. I have yet to play with a guy that was repelled by it.

Let your flag fly, fuckers – however you choose to run your life is cool with me.

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