A Mystery To Me

I like to think I’m pretty open to most fetishes – I can understand where one might find something pleasurable, even if I’m not into it.
Fisting’s pretty simple to explain – if you like the sensation of toys and cocks in your asshole, then it stands to reason that you’d probably get off on larger and wider things gaping you open. An arm, or one of those mammoth Mr. Hanky-style dildos seems a natural extension.
If you can convert the sting of a whip or a cat-o’-nine-tails across your back and ass into sexual gratification, I can make that connection. Choking and breath control are flirting with danger, and that can be quite hot among the heat and sweat of being fucked stupid.
There is one, though, that I can’t wrap my head around. Maybe you can help me in figuring it out? Maybe you take part in this one and can enlighten me.
Cash Masters and Pay Pigs. They go by other names, if the hashtags on Twitter are any indication. Submissives pay doms lots of money for… for what? Mostly I see “cash fags” being subjected to humiliation, name-calling, verbal abuse. All consensual, of course.
In trying to channel my “fetish empathy”. I suppose it is an extreme mix of the sugar daddy, escort, and dom/sub tropes. This arrangement conjures in my mind traditional high school bullying tropes. “Gimme your lunch money, faggot!”
Don’t get me wrong, I like a verbal dom, but not to the point of reliving my own personal traumatic hell. That’s me though… perhaps by giving money to a cash master, you’re submitting to the bully you secretly lusted after?
Maybe it’s a more benign way of hiring an escort. Rather than book a masseur or a one-night companion. Most of these transactions seem to be online-only, long-distance arrangements. You pay a certain amount of money, and in return you get your rocks off by way of a verbal thrashing and humiliating language.
So give it to me straight, – what’s the deal? What attracts you to these cash masters? Cash doms, is it just an easy way to make money or are you getting off to the sub as well? Let me hear from you!

Header via @mancfagwallet on Twitter

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