Fetishised female bodies

I just finished reading a collection of Eric Stanton fetish comics, and loved them.

I was reminded of other similar female imagery that has been important to me, particularly Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which I had on video as a child and watched ad infinitum, and sculptures by Allen Jones which I saw in books. They influenced drawings of women that I made throughout my teens. They may also have fed into sculptures I made in 2007, of male and female figures in bondage – sculptures that I regarded as very sexual.

Here’s a fragmented chain of influence, starting with the present:

Scumtrap bondage fetishA sculpture I made in 2007.

Scumtrap bondage fetishAnother sculpture from 2007 – that’s me on the phone.

french maidA drawing I made aged 17. The french maid costume must have come from seeing a similar one in the movie Clue. The physical proportions came from my fondness for Jessica Rabbit.

motorcyclistAnother drawing, aged 16.

Jessica RabbitI was fascinated by Jessica Rabbit’s character in the Robert Zemeckis movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Her designers were Richard William and Russell Hall, although it’s difficult to determine exactly who contributed most to her final manifestation. Incidentally, I was also obsessed by another Robert Zemeckis movie, Death Becomes Her, in which similarly glamorous idealised female bodies were subjected to various injury and mutilation.

Allen JonesSculpture by Allen Jones, 1969.

Eric StantonArtwork by Eric Stanton, 1960s – 70s.

John WillieArtwork by John Willie, 1940s – 50s.

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