Bad Influence: Freddy Piss Horror

Here are some more of the unused stills from Bad Influence. These are from Scene 6: Freddy Piss Horror.

To see the stills we did use, follow this link to the Bad Influence page.

  1. Hmmmm – can I be the voice of dissent and say I didn’t “get” this scene? I guess it’s probably because I’m not into piss, or hearing a guy spouting stream of consciousness. I personally would have just preferred a scene with him getting fucked, but I’m a simple lad at heart.

  2. Lovely ! 🙂
    On of my favorites too …
    Some strange case like this one could be good for a vid.

  3. Hi Bill. Freddy was a favourite of mine too, and I’d love to shoot more with him in future. He likes to travel, so he’s not always an easy man to pin down. I’ll keep you posted.

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