Male pubic hair – 1 day left to vote

One day left to vote on the pubic hair poll (see right). “Shaved off” has proved least popular. Will “trimmed” win out? Or will “fully grown” snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? The excitement…

  1. I like to trim my pubes to the same length as the hair on my abdomen, so it looks uniform. I shaved it all off on a couple of occasions, but it felt really weird to be completely bald down there…

  2. Def a full bush!! Yur not a man if ya trim or shave. My bush is heavy, dark and full and Im leavin it that way and every boybabe I do sez they are glad my bush is so big.

  3. Thanks Tony, you've inhaled my man scent? Directly off my balls?

    You're in Chicago, which I've visited twice, so it's perfectly plausible our paths have crossed.

    Glad you liked it. 🙂

  4. If you're going to have a thick bush it better be beautiful like thick curly locks! Otherwise, trim it! But don't shave completely or you'll look like a third grader – just not as natural.

    Balls are best shaved because you don't get hair between your teeth when giving a blow job and balls just flat out taste better shaved – you get the full man scent. Love me some of that man scent, especially Liam Cole's!

  5. I like it trimmed not to short but not to long that it gets in your mouth when you deep throat the cock.

  6. The more and the thicker, the pubic hair is, the better, That’s natural for men and so much more enjoyable for the other man in the fuck session.

  7. I like it to be subtly trimmed, so you don’t know for sure if it’s trimmed or just grows that way.

    I don’t like it shaven off completely, or when it’s trimmed with a neat edge around the base of the cock. Too groomed!

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