Poll results: Male pubic hair

Results of the poll are in! “Trimmed” wins the popular vote, “fully-grown” comes in second, and “shaven-off” trails in last. I’m totally in agreement with this. If things have grown completely wild then a trim can tidy it up, but genitals do not need hairstyles. For example, the not-atall-subtle trick of clean-shaving the base of the cock and trimming a hard edge around it (see exhibit A, above left). Yes, trimming around the base kind of makes the cock look longer (from a distance, if you squint), but a bald patch with a severe “Dave Hill from Slade” fringe makes your cock look like its toupee has slipped. Sometimes nature knows best.

  1. Hang the definitions; shaved, while arguably providing a clean workspace, is way too prepubescent/feminine to turn me on, but anything else is like a salad dressing, and it’s the salad that really matters.

  2. Thanks for the comment gbm1955, and I’m glad we’re in agreement!

    I’m pretty sure the “fringe” has become popular because of men copying it from porn. Evidence of how influential porn can be, I guess.

  3. Yes, with THAT definition of trimmed, I would have voted for trimmed instead of fully grown. But I voted for fully grown because the “fringe” look seems to be the more popular definition of “trimmed” lately. I’m all for YOUR definition, though. And I feel the same about facial hair. 🙂

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