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Since this is a porn blog, it’s not all that surprising that the average reader is more likely to be into porn, sex, and surfing the net, and less likely to be addicted to gambling or stealing. However, only one person wasn’t addicted to anything, so basically we’re all (but one) in the same addiction boat.

Being hooked on things like porn, sex, or the net, doesn’t involve the obvious negative consequences of, say, kleptomania or gambling, nor the physical costs of drug dependency. However, if a habit is out of control then it stops being fun, no matter how harmless it might seem.

So, are we happy addicts, or hurtling-down-a-spiral-into-the-abyss addicts? And if we want to get our habits in check then how can we do that?

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  1. My addicion is cigarettes, argh……. I keep trying to quit and fail every time. Oh, and cock! But I ain’t worried about that addiction:)

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