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I’m posting stills onto a photo site called flickr. You’ll need to join the site and message me to be “friends” on there in order to view the xxx pics in what I’m uploading. If you want to, go to, log in and search for Liam Cole in the “People” section.

*** UPDATE ***

Something’s gone wrong with my flickr account, all images disappeared. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them back, but so far no luck. Sorry!

  1. Oh, fuck Tommy again. That sweet sweet boy needs two things really bad. First he needs lots of cock and sperm in his holes. Second, he needs me to worship the ground he walks on. I would love to be that boys pet. Fuck!

    You need to get Tommy signed, he needs to be Dawson Jr.


  2. How ’bout if you just give us the address or a link? All I find under Liam Cole is some photos of a 2-3 year old kid.

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