Hangin’ with Damon Dogg at IML Chicago

More great episodes of The Damon Dogg Show. These are from May, at IML in Chicago, and I have a few blink-and-you-miss-me appearances here. There’s some dick smoking in the May 23rd episode so he’s moved the episodes off YouTube onto blogger. Click below for links.

The Damon Dogg Show May 22nd, 2009

Damon Dogg ShowThe Damon Dogg Show May 23rd

Damon Dogg ShowDamon Dogg Show

  1. mmm I love Damon! I'm a cum pig too I'd love to do a film with him hehe

  2. Good lord, it's still up (yep, pun intended) &, much as I dig the Dogg, methinks it peaks too early with Roscoe’s SWEET arse crack…

    You & Damon look so sweet too, Liam!

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