Finally, we settled on the title for my next video with T.I.M.

It will be called POUNDED.

  1. The Tommy Haine scene is a 1-on-1. He gets fucked by Eddie Black. It was shot back in the Bad Influence days, when Tommy had just turned 18.

  2. you should make a film called SPERM WHALE where an obese guy gets bb gangbanged

  3. so glad to hear Tommy Haine is in it!
    does he get group fucked or is it a 1on1?

  4. Some of the guys in POUND:

    Titch Jones
    Aaron Lamb
    Mark O'Neal
    Anton Dickson
    Adam King
    Brent South
    Aaron Slater
    Ricky Hunter
    Jason Stormme
    Eddie Black
    Tommy Haine

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