POUNDED scene listing

Hello, update on the new video. The title will be POUNDED.

Here’s the cover design and scene listing:

Scene 1 Fucked at the Hoist
Scene 2 Titch Jones fucks Aaron Lamb
Scene 3 Ricky Hunter 3-way
Scene 4 Anton Dickson fucks Adam King
Scene 5 Dane Beck eats 6 loads
Scene 6 Mark O’Neal fucks Pitpig
Scene 7 Jason Stormme fucks Aaron Lamb
Scene 8 Brent Bow 3-way
(extra scene) Eddie Black fucks Tommy Haine
Cumshot compilation

More details coming soon…

  1. sorry lam but i think your first vid was hotter.the shots gave a more general view of what was happening. and the scenes were more "perverted" loved the one where ralph sucked peter.

  2. Hi Anonymous, sorry you thought it was too vanilla.

    Did you check out these scene descriptions?

    I think they give an accurate idea of what's in the video. Fans of piss, fisting, leather, etc. aren't going to find that in Pounded, true.

    That's because this one's about my own basic obsession: Watching hot men taking cum down the throat and in the ass, raw with no porno frills, and showing me that they like it.

  3. Pounded was way to vanilla. Sure bareback which is always great. But vanilla and boring. Shame.

    1. I absoloutly agree i was in a transition period at the time and now looking back and self analysing i can see how i can be portrayed – but after many years of understanding the way Treasure Island Media work and the way its communicated i now can see and i agree vanilla is boring – but theirs a difference between a sub and humaliation im a sub – sexually!

  4. The launch? POUNDED is available noe to "Download to Own" or if you pre-order the DVD it will be shipped before July 15th.

    Carl Jacobs isn't in POUNDED, but I hope to shoot with him again soon. Watch this space. 🙂

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