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Aaron Lamb Treasure Island MediaWant to be in the next video? Now’s the time. Calling for horny pigs of all ages and types. In particular, I’m looking for gangbang tops to breed bottom guys like Aaron Lamb (above), Carl Jacobs, Brent Bow, Dane Beck, Ricky Hunter, and Adam King (below).

The interviews will be in London in the afternoon and evening of Sunday 26 July. To apply, send an email with your name and any recent photos of yourself to me at

Looking forward to meeting you!


Carl Jacobs Treasure Island MediaBrent Bow Treasure Island MediaDane Beck Treasure Island MediaRicky Hunter Treasure Island MediaAdam King Treasure Island Media

  1. I agree. The boys are seriously hot!

    Im dying to be in your movies too. I am in London:D

  2. i wish to be a gangbanged by massive dicks, but im sorry i cant travel, and i live in newcastle, i cant travel cos parents, uni etc.

  3. Hi Liam

    Fuck seen ricky in condom porn before fuck he's horny wanna see more of this lad getting breeded!!!!!!

  4. So how are the interviews for the tops going Liam? Who's going to be gangbanged first?

  5. Hi Tom, the model interviews aren't auditions, it's informal. If you're interested, send me an email with recent photographs.

    Thanks versboy, glad you're enjoying the Brit bottoms 😀


  6. Hi Liam, the UK bottoms you get are so much hotter than the guys in the US TIM movies – great job and keep up the good work! And yeah, more Tommy Haine and Carl Jacobs please.

  7. I'm in London all the time…….. hmmmm…. wonder if I should audition? hehe

  8. Hi,

    That scene is here on my shelf. It was a difficult one to shoot, and I decided to use the other two scenes I had with Aaron.

    I might put that scene on another DVD in future though.

    And yes, we're working on a group scene with Aaron. I'll be interviewing new tops for that this weekend. 🙂

    — Liam

  9. Hi,Liam

    Where is the scene from as first scene shown that Aaron Lamb being screwed at pool?? I like him very much,you would consider having a gangbang video him with tons of top guys. (why you break up with him I wonder…)

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    There are 20 men in Pounded. 8 of them have appeared before and 12 of them are new. I think that's a pretty good balance.

    No point in throwing out good guys like Tommy Haine and Eddie Black, right? Especially since I'm still getting requests to see more of them.

    Thanks for the feedback though, it all gets taken on board.

    — Liam

  11. i just watched pounded….. well…. you have a lot of deja vu faces in this one. why dont you use fresh "color" soo many in london. please dont become like the episodes of "lost. thnx. take care.

  12. Everything goes on this blog, so watch this space. If and when I next shoot something with Tommy I will post info about it here.

  13. Liam, I hope you get Tommy Haine back as a gangbang bottom too. He is so hot and deserves a starring role in a new TIM movie.

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