Adam King in the Maldives

Here’s a picture of Adam King on holiday in the Maldives. No matter what he wears, he always looks like he’s about to get naked. Even when he’s here in cloudy London he mooches around in his flip-flops, sagging with no underwear. It’s a beautiful sight.

Below are some reminders of Adam in Bad Influence. (He was also super hot in Pounded, but the stills from that video are on my other computer, so for now we can enjoy these)

  1. i was lucky enough to fuck adam king. he became like a obsession to me after i saw his videos. found him by accident last year on BBRT and we hooked up. it was more than i had wished for! amazing silky hole who lives to get bred as he is a small little fucker, he is easy to handle position wise. lost his mobile no. and now i cant find him on BBRT. if anyone could help me please!!!! i am on BBRT bigdick4you. or adam if you read this, would luv to breed your hole again!

  2. king is my new obsession. i wish you would actually show him doing a big wiff of those poppers before he gets fucked. love seeing them in his hand.

  3. WOW. Didn't expect to see that pic of Adam on here considering he's a mate of mine and on my Gaydar. :p Hot pic though. :p

  4. Adam is so fucking hot in Bad Influence and Pounder. Gotta love those shorter bottom guys that you can take a hold of and fuck the hell outa. Hes looking in fine shape in the maldives photo. Not one ounce of fat. Hubba hubba. Is he gonna be in the next one? Hoping so ;-P

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