T.I.M. coming to Berlin in Spring 2010

We’re making plans to visit Berlin in Spring 2010, to meet new models and shoot some scenes. If you’re based in Berlin or nearby and would like to be a horny pig in one of our videos then send your details with a recent photo to: liam@treasureislandmedia.com

We’ll also be looking for locations to shoot scenes in, which could be anything from a nightclub, bar, or sex club (during closing hours), to a disused warehouse, or your own home. If you have a location for us then send details, and photos if you have them, to the same address (above).

— Liam

  1. ive gota agree witht he guy above !

    keep eeing images of Aaron ( like the one in the jaccuzi aith christian torrent) and the one which looks like he's getting gang banged !

    we need more aaron !

  2. Hot picture – when are we going to get to see more Aaron Lamb scenes? His two in Pounded have already made him my favourite TIM guy ever

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