1000 Load Fuck stills

Paul Morris’s new fuck epic, The 1000 Load Fuck, has landed. Here are some of my favourite stills. With my boss producing stuff like this, it is VERY hard to compete.

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  1. which video is the scene with Tommy and Felix in? i could watch Tommy naked and getting fucked all day…OINK OINK!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We always appreciate this kind of thoughtful analysis, so I'll forward your thoughts onto Paul.

    Also, I'm very glad you liked the scene with Tommy and Felix! That cameraman/director "getting all horned out" was me. Happy days 🙂

  3. Well. 1000 Load Fuck is here. But is it any good? Admittedly, there is some amazing talent on display. JESSY KARSON is one serious fuck-machine and SETH is an impressively piggy bottom. But, unfortunately, the director throws in some strange casting/pairing choices.

    The weakest link is unfortunately, the 'star' IAN JAY, who, for all his vaulting cum-dump ambitions, is just a tad mechanical on-screen. He projects no genuine hunger or pleasure through the camera and his performance feels slut-by-numbers. worse, there's no intimacy, or humour in his persona.

    There's also the error of pretension, naming the cum collecting sequence 'the harvest'. Not that porn shouldn't have ambitions, but surely, only if they serve to deliver a more pleasurable viewer experience?

    with the large tub of cum ever the focus in the title scenes 3 and 4, one couldn't help wonder: what if in the frenzy someone knocks it over and two years 'harvesting' gets soaked up by some motel carpet? does cum keep well for two years in the freezer? is it warmed to room temperature? it's a sequence where the director makes you distractingly aware of the process, as opposed to the pleasure.

    but, back to casting. BJ Slater. Okay, I'll admit. His cock is magnificent. But his Falcon days are way behind him, and while his cock's holding up well, his face is not (sunblock?). What can I say – where are the handsome Daddies? Well, there is BRYCE. Fuck-yeah! BRYCE/SETH maybe an obvious combo, but obvious can be good…

    The Jeep? Hmmmmm… TIM is suddenly on shakey, dare I say, mainstream territory. Suddenly, this could be a Falcon video, ah and BJ Slater here too, is this a spooky coincidence? Next it'll be (cough) condoms and chi-chi la rue.

    And the rest? Well, check it. Unfortunately, nothing really that memorable. In fact, the horniest TIM moment of the year comes from the LIAM stable, where TOMMY HAINE gets plowed by FELIX and you can unexpectedly hear the cameraman/director getting all horned-out and instructing FELIX to "cum in his ass". that's great porn – spontaneous, unplanned, horny-as-fuck, line-crossing.

    don't spend two-years 'planning' guys, as we all know, the best fucks are the unexpected ones.

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