1000 Load Fuck trailer

Here’s the trailer for the new Treasure Island Media video by Paul Morris, unapologetically titled The 1000 Load Fuck.

The trailer is also on the Treasure Island Media blog, where it has prompted a storm of controversy in the tea-cup that is the comments box. You can read it all here, or see below for a condensed version.

Those against say:

“TI is really becoming formulaic. “Dark,” “Bajillion Load”… Variations on the same ideas, and with the same people.”

“what happened to the kinda porn where it was about amazing sexual chemistry between two men as opposed to a desire the get into the guinness book of records and be filled with turkey basters. it’s all looking a bit mechanical now.”

“Yuck, — those movies / cast are a walking petri dish of pathogens! Nothing says love more than exchanging HIV strains..”

“What does it say about someone’s self esteem when they’re willing to do this stuff – disturbing”

“Cum is not a drug and pretending that it is just feels fictional. Reading up on TIM, Paul says he doesn’t fetishize hiv just primal sex. But all this cross and bones and ‘absolutely positive’ stuff — the TIM stuff seems so obsessed with HIV.”

“i work as a social worker offering therapy to a lot of gay men. fuck paul….he gets to put all this shit out there and I get to see how so many guys now feel like they are missing out on the party if they aren’t squirting gallons of semen up their ass.”

Those in favour say:


“Why does this turn me on so much?”

“We LOVE the formula. Hot, nasty, no holds barred cum dump motherfuckers. A hotel room, cock, ass n’ cum.”

“Sounds like someone relates their own sexual behavior to their sense of self esteem. Maybe they should keep that to themselves.”

“People need to stop themselves from ruminating over things they choose not to do. It’s about growing up and being mature enough to accept responsibility for oneself. If you choose to watch TIM videos and then bitch because you want to do what you see in them but are afraid of the consequences then maybe you should stop watching TIM videos. The problem with “duhmericans” is they won’t accept responsibility for their own situations.”

The debate continues…

  1. Anyone else noticed how the comments on T.I.M.'s blog are much more angry and confrontational than the comments here? Strange.

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