Merry Chismyass

Just a scruffy seasonal obscenity, discretely doodled during a marathon ‘Charades’ session at the Cole family christmas. The slightly strained pun on christmas/kissmyass is not intended as a bah-humbug put-down on christmas – the opposite in fact. I like christmas, and I love ass kissing (literal, not metaphorical), so the combination of the two is a joyous one. Happy Holidays x

  1. Awesome!!! I never saw this one. It is really inspiring, too… what kinda leaves are Santa holding with his feet? I gotta finish this!!! Well my buddylove, gotta go sleep now… I have a busy schedule for tomorrow, I am supossed I would be researching about Economy and I spent the whole day watching your pictures and jacking off… love you so much, keep it proud, man – Huge kisses

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