Josh the cocksucker

This is Josh, aged 23. He emailed in his picture and introduced himself as a devoted cocksucker and cumslut. For a young man, he has an impressively clear sense of himself, saying:

I’m not ashamed to admit the fact I’m a cumslut and i used to have guy after guy come to my room at uni and fuck my throat and shoot their spunk down my throat then leave. I love cum without a doubt and i can never get enough of it. I used to travel over an hour to join my friend at his private gloryhole every week to share some of his regulars and then share the spunk between us. There’s nothing i love better than to deepthroat big juicy cocks, getting my throat fucked and then being rewarded with a big juicy load at the end.

Obviously, Josh is one of us. I’ll be meeting him soon to see about getting him in a video. In the mean time he sent this email describing a recent adventure:

Hey dude!

It’s me again! I saw on your blog that you love receiving emails from guys telling you about how slutty they have been, so i thought i might as well send you a true story about the time i sucked 3 guys off in my flat!

I wasn’t at uni this particular day and my 2 flatmates were at work for the day so i signed onto and had a look to see if there were any hung guys online who’d be up for coming over and feeding me their cum, as i was feeling particularly hungry for some spunk that morning!

After about 20 minutes i was contacted by a guy who said he had seen me at the bar i worked at and wanted to know what i was into etc, after he sent me his pics i recognized him as this hairy italian looking dude i had served a few times and after telling him i love sucking guys off and swallowing spunk, he asked me if i would be up for sucking more than just him off, as he knew a few heavy cummers that would love to come along.

Of course i said i’d love that, and he asked for my address and asked that when they arrive and let themselves in, that i be waiting in my room on my knees ready to suck their cocks. I of course obliged.

After about 30 minutes, i got a text to say they were here, and i looked out of my window to see all three of them were waiting for me to let them in. By this time i was rock hard at the thought of having mouthfuls of spunk soon. I buzzed them in and got on my knees and waited for them to arrive. I heard the door open and close and then they walked into my room as i was there waiting! The guy i knew from the bar was the first to come in and he came up to me and snogged me first, then they all surrounded me one by one and started unzipping! By this time i was pretty much salivating!! lol

I took it in turns sucking them off and loved the fact that the guy i knew from the bar had a gorgeous thick cut cock with the biggest set of balls i have ever seen, and he loved them being licked. The second guy had the biggest cock out of all of them and slight curve to it but i still deepthroated it and took it all the way, it was like i was dying and these cocks were the only things that were gonna save me, i was like a wild animal, the third one had a nice thick cock too and he loved me taking his cock all the way! They started to get more rough now with fucking my throat even harder and all all of them were moaning!

Next, the 3rd guy got on the floor and started sucking on my cock which was just oozing at this point and he definitely wasn’t complaining!

I was getting really close by this point because this was like the ultimate fantasy of mine, so i told them and they were like not until we come down your throat first!

So the 3rd guy was the first to cum and he layed down on the bed and the guy from the bar pushed my head right down on his dick and kept making me deepthroat him, and then after about a minute i felt his cock and balls tense up and he shot an average load down my throat! I made sure i didnt miss a drop and kept sucking his cock more in the hope of getting more cum!

Next the 2nd guy was ready to fill my mouth, and started facefucking me again then he started moaning and filling my mouth, and wow it was an enormous load and god it tasted amazing, it was so big that it started to dribble out of my mouth onto the floor but the guy from the bar caught it and let me lick it off his hand! Was awesome! I still wanted more cum and then got back to sucking the remaining guy and his big balls! He wanted me to wank him while licking and sucking his balls as he said that would make him cum the most, so i was definitely going to oblige! lol

The next thing i knew he got his cock and shoved it straight into my mouth and i should have known someone with balls that big was gonna give me big load, and he did! Big creamy load which i lapped up! When i’d finally swallowed the last of it, i sat back and had the biggest smile on my face! The guys just laughed and said ‘HE SEEMS TO HAVE ENJOYED IT THEN’ and patted me on the head as they started to leave!

I was still hungry for more spunk though! lol Told you i was a cumslut! Hope the auditions are soon!


  1. HI LIAM

    i can ' t send mails or pictures now cause of big problem with my emailbox pin(maybe hacking), i have to create a new emailbox

    here is a link with some pictures of me ,i' m in France now but can move to England or Spain:

    be sure that i 'm a realy good sucker and hass ,i want to give my holes & plesure and to show it

  2. Liam – his face is very handsome – if the rest of him passes muster with you and he's got the oral talents you're looking for I'm sure he'll be a smashing success in your next vid!

    Josh, do you bottom too, or are you just into the oral stuff?

  3. He's gorgeous looking guy.

    I'd love to see him in a video similar to the CoverMyFace (str8) bukkake videos, but I wouldn't mind a gokkun (mass cumming in the mouth, rather than on the face) video.

    One thing I'd hope you do is get the guys to save up their loads before the shoot.

    That's the major difference between str8 and gay bukkake/gokkun vids – those str8 guys save up their loads and nearly always produce a thick load.

    Whenever I see a facial where the top's load is like water, I just think: why did he bother, you might as well have stuck the cumslut under a shower head…

  4. i 've sent you an email, on forgangbang bottom/total Whore casting

  5. i 've sent you an email, on forgangbang bottom/total Whore casting

  6. i 've sent you an email, on forgangbang bottom/total Whore casting

  7. hi

    he seems to be very sexy
    but what about me Liam?
    i'm the french bastard, do U remember me?
    see you boy 😉

  8. hi

    he seems to be very sexy
    but what about me Liam?
    i'm the french bastard, do U remember me?
    see you boy 😉

  9. hi

    he seems to be very sexy
    but what about me Liam?
    i'm the french bastard, do U remember me?
    see you boy 😉

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