Eddie Black 1979-2009

Eddie Black is one of the hottest, nicest, funniest men that I’ve been lucky enough to point a camera at, so I’m very sad to report that he passed away last year, aged just 29. Since his first appearance he’s been a fan favourite, and this message is partly for all those who’ve taken the time to send emails asking for more scenes with him in future – I wish there could be, he really was a pleasure to shoot with. His family have chosen not to give out details about his death, but the last time I spoke to him he sounded cheerful and well, and I’m hoping that’s how he spent the rest of his last summer.

My favourite memory of Eddie is from when we were first shooting together. He’d never been in a porn video and I’d never made one. We were both excited by the adventure. On his first shoot I paid him with a cheque in an envelope with his “porn name” written neatly on the outside. He told me afterwards that he’d held on to the scrappy envelope as a keepsake of his first step in a new chapter. At the time I thought that was rather touching, although looking back and remembering that Eddie had a pretty dry sense of humour, I think he was probably joking at my expense – round that time I was so obsessed with the cult of TIM that I’d have treasured the fluff out of Paul Morris’s belly button given half the chance. Either way, I love the idea of Eddie keeping that envelope and, whether he was kidding or not, it’s certainly true that he got a real kick out of making the videos and being seen by others in his prime, doing something he loved.

Before I made porn I used to pass hot guys in the street and wish very hard that I could follow them wherever they were going and video them having sex. Eddie – you were exactly one of those smoking hot guys, and I’m so glad you let me! Missing you already stud.

  1. A complete human – soul, heart,flesh,wit, spirit –
    adored him – a true God creature…

  2. Thanks everybody for the comments. It's really good to read your thoughts, and I appreciate you taking the time.

    In answer to your questions, Anonymous: I was informed by a family member, and had it confirmed by a third party. I was told that he died on July 28th 2009.

  3. I don't believe what I'm reading right now! I am so sadden by this news because I saw Eddie twice in two different locations, one was at Elephant & Castle station and another off Charing Cross Road and in both times I was so shy to go up to him and tell him that I'm a big fan.

    Now he's gone. FTW.:(

  4. I am heartbroken over the loss of such an adorable man…I hope to meet him in the next life and let him know how wonderful I thought he was. Thank you for the wonderful tribute.

  5. I guess I better starting checking in at the T.I.M Forum more often if I want to keep abreast of what's happening in our world in a Much More Timely manner. I'm saddened to learn of Eddie Black's passing. After JUST reading this, I'm glad I bought the vidz feat. him at T.I.M. Respectfully, a B!G Fan from AR!Z0NA, USA

  6. Great tribute. He really did perform well, and beyond the good looks and the sex, he seemed really warm. I remember hearing him tell his story at the end of Bad Influence about the woman he knew who was blind in one eye and who could only drive the big trucks. Always made me crack up.

  7. The last ten minutes of Bad Influence is unlike anything in any other porn film, gay or straight. There is a palbable sense of warmth and friendliness between the three men in the room. We know that there are only three because it is made obvious that there is only Liam and his camera there with Eddie and the other guy. Atypically for porn the entire situation is made visible, including the camera lights, the clothes and wet towels strewn about the room, even the street lamps outside the window.
    The conversation and goofing has that childlike lightheartedness familiar to anyone who's had an exciting fuck and is left feeling strangely euphoric, almost relieved it's over and pleasantly surprised with how it went down. After the two guys have left the room a gentle guitar refrain begins to play until the picture fades to black. On first viewing I thought this whole section was more than a little indulgent and didn't fit at all in the porn context. Now after repeated viewings, I love it. Goodbye Mr Black.

  8. There's true love in what you write, Liam. Thanks: no idea if Eddie cares of this now – surely the both of you have been lucky at the time. RIP, Eddie.

  9. Hi Liam..It is always unfair when a youngster is being taken away. especially when he was sucha sweet fucker… Too bad, life's a bitch

  10. Dang that's a shame… Eddie was a favorite in our home. My bf and I have had many jerkoff sessions together over this guy's scenes. I used to crack up at the scene near the end of BI with him showing off his PA and goofing around getting sucked off while he was on his cell. That made him seem human and like a guy you could know and laugh with. Now those parts are going to be poignant to watch knowing that he's gone so young. Thanks for posting Liam.

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