Gloryhole Chris

Here’s an email from a man called Chris (that’s his ass, above). In his message he reminisces about a formative experience he had with a gloryhole aged 14. Gloryholes are a subject dear to my heart. The first cock I ever sucked was through a gloryhole when I was 13, and it fed me my first load (well, first load from another cock – I’d been eating my own for a while back then when I was flexible enough to give myself a half-decent blowjob). Britain’s subsequent obsession with CCTV security cameras has almost wiped out cottaging here, which I guess has been superceded by online hook-ups – but there’s no substitute for a busy gloryhole and I would support any efforts to bring them back!

Chris attached pics but doesn’t want his face to be shown, so here’s a couple of shots of his very fuckable furry ass, and another showing his sweet cock-sucking cum-swallowing mouth. Who wouldn’t want those pretty lips wrapped around their shaft?

Here’s Chris’s story:

Have been chatting with some kid on thingbox after I posted to a forum
about my love of cum and wanting to go on a gloryhole hunt with a
fellow hungry bottom. Brought me back to my first gloryhole
experience, when I was 14, back in 1989. A lay-by in Cheltenham, near
my old school’s sports ground. I’d heard from the other kids that guys
went there and so sneaked out one morning at five to find out for
myself. I saw a big eighteen wheeler parked nearby, but thought
nothing of it. Inside it was old and scuzzy. A communal urinal area
and then two stalls. The air was dense with that heavy smell of piss,
which got me leaking pre-cum straight away. I went into the first
stall. Shut the door. And sat down. The left wall was a mosaic of
graffiti. Doodles of cocks and pussies. Guys blowing their load. Asses
being stretched. Numbers. Couples. Singles. All after one thing: cock
and cum. It was a sex wall. And in the middle was the hole, rough
edges, but large enough for a cock. I peered through. The other stall
was empty, but my heart was pounding. The smell of piss. All the
hunger for sex scrawled everywhere. My cock was raging. Begging me to
touch it. Then I heard someone enter. Fuck. The truck. My heart was in
my throat. I heard noises. I was freaking out that my little morning
trip could be discovered. But my cock was still erect. The think was I
wanted to be found. I wanted some cock so badly. Eventually the noises
faded. The guy left, maybe just some early morning walker taking a
piss. At 14 I was too naive to understand the etiquette of g-holes and
I was gutted. But still so damn horny. So I pulled down my tracksuit
bottoms and I just jerked myself off there and then surrounded by sex
and dirt and sleaze, blowing my wad all over the sex wall and the

Gloryholes have always held a powerful sway over me since.


  1. So what his first gloryhole experience was when he was 14 and he ended up jacking off alone, it was still a hot story. Where's yours anonymous 03:24?!

  2. Hot ass but the gloryhole story doesn't go anywhere!! He jerked off alone in a public bathroom? Okay…

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