Me in Sweden last year.

Here’s a random picture of me in Sweden last year (I’m in the hat). Click on it for full size if you want to scrutinise.

We were presenting our artwork in a gallery, this was the opening night, and there was a pretty big crowd of art world types in a semi-circle around us, although they’re not visible in this shot.

I was playing it cool, pretending to listen to Pete talking about his work, whilst nervously wondering what to say about my own because everyone there knew that my video (of guys fucking on Hampstead Heath) had been removed from the show because of fears about local school kids being traumatised, or some such trifling matter.

Anyway, just a bit of extra-curricular non-porn life. Cock related broadcast will be resumed in the following post…

  1. I also agree with anonymous, but I instead say "you look sooo HANDSOME, YEAH!" (yes, I gotta say it loud) because babies are cute, puppies are, too… but men, please…
    Referring to your "banned" movie, yes, censorship tells us we've been beyond the limits, so it's more than a compliment (I tell you in my case, I was interviewed for a magazine and I seemed to be truly acid with my answers, so the space "reserved" for my words and my drawings (even for the mag cover) finally was given to Lady Gaga…

  2. Hi Reuben,

    It turned out okay. The local papers were interested in the fact that the video had been pulled, and that it was made by a "porn direector", so they made a lot of that in the reviews. All publicity is good publicity, right?

    I got to show the video in London afterwards anyway.

    And thanks anonymous, glad you think so. 🙂

  3. It's a shame that your video was pulled. I found it beautiful and hypnotic. Reminded me of the birds of paradise footage in the BBC's Planet Earth series.

  4. Woah dude, how tall r u ?! Your legs go on and on.

    The guy in front of u takes the prize for faggiest pose.

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