Adam King is a Beautiful Man

This is the second time Adam King has tweeted a picture of himself that is so hot I immediately had to get it on this blog. It’s not just that he’s looking particularly handsome here – although that certainly helps. But this is also the first picture I’ve seen that captures the sweetness of his character. He’s a streetwise man, not in any way soft, and life has made him wise beyond his years. But there’s also a great streak of generosity, sensitivity and innocence, and it shows through here.

Does it make sense to use the word “innocence” to describe an out-and-out cum pig like Adam? A man who will literally suck and ride every last cock in the room until he’s worked as many loads into his guts as he can find, before moving on to the next party for more? Yup, it makes perfect sense. Because half the time what stops other men from doing that kind of thing is fear, embarassment, mean-spiritedness and conservatism, and Adam is wonderfully innocent of all that crap. Free as a bird and horny as a dog.

And that’s why, inside and out, Adam King is a beautiful man.

These stills from this scene in Pounded.

  1. Adam looks a bit like a close friend of mine, but he looks way more handsome by sucking and receiving a dick…

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