Pure Juice

This picture came from a man who’s interested in being in a Treasure Island Media porn video. In the name of research, I googled the Tropicana carton pictured and am happy to report that what’s pictured here is almost a litre of cock.

And yes, before you ask, I have met the proud owner to check it out in the flesh, and will be trying to get him infront of the camera soon.

  1. French bastard, could you email me please? I want to double check that I have your details on file.

  2. Hi Liam
    i 've sent you some bad quality pics i've taken of me by my own 2 months ago.(with a broken camera…)
    of course i 'm hardly interested in being in a porn vidéo.
    i'll send you in few days better pictures of me and my ass ,if you want more i can also send you private videos of me sucking deep throat friends" s dicks for example or more…
    http://www.bbackzone.com/.Y.K.S. (click on down left tab to enter ^^)

  3. Hi French bastard,

    Are you interested in being in a video? Are we already in touch by email?

  4. it makes me thirtsy too.
    would like to squeeze it very deeply .
    it looks bursting with juice…
    you could name your next movie Pulp fiction and i would love to be the whore on duty…

    Remember me , i 'm bastard,french bastard 😉
    coming soon in London in april most probably ^^

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