Portrait and Kindertrauma

Liam ColeMany thanks to the photographer (who wishes to remain nameless) for taking this picture of me. We did some other more mean and moody shots, but for some reason this is the one I like best at the moment. Maybe it’s the way that plaid shirt says, “I’m your friendly local gay porn director, trust me with your sons and husbands”.

In other news, check out my “trauma” on the transcendentally awesome website Kindertrauma. It’s a haven for all those creepy TV shows, commercials and movies that freaked you out in your formative years. Best of all is the “Name that Trauma” section, where readers who can’t remember the title of their traumas are invited to write in with whatever details they can recall, so that others might be able to identify the offending title. The strike rate is impressive, although my trauma (posted here) is yet to turn up any results. Maybe you can shed some light on my man-in-barred-bed-cage memory?


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